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Attempts at sewing January 16, 2008

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Sewing machine

Since I got my sewing machine, I’ve really been on the learning curve when it comes to working it.  I’ve never really sewed on a machine before, so I barely know how to use it.  However, Martha Stewart highly recommended this one- a Singer Simple- for beginners.  And I love it!  Well, at least I do when I can get it to work and the threads don’t get caught in the bottom spool.

Sewing kit and boxes To keep eveything together, my mother also gave me that cute little sewing box you see on top here.  The other two boxes I had lying around my hometown room doing nothing more than secretly hide junk.  So I emptied the out and brought them along with me.  I bought some beautiful ribbons and fabric at Walmart in the past few weeks.  I’ve gotten a lot of gingham because they had them for a buck a yard and it fits in perfectly with the apron/pinafore idea I’ve had in my head for the longest. 

The boxes are just barely big enough for me to fit what I have at the moment so it means that I need to get working on my creations.   I started last night and I had hoped to have finished it by today so I could show my product.  Unfortunately, my sewing machine seemed to have other ideas.  I gave up after cursing the sewing gods and have not returned to check out what the problem has been.  I figure those sorts of things are best done with a level head, which I don’t quite have as of yet. 

Sewing work jumble

This was the area I had as my work station.  I know, genius begets chaos.  But you can see the lovely green gingham I am using for my own apron on the left and on the right you can see the satiny green ribbon I’m using to go with it.  I was going to use the dotted ribbon that you see towards the top of the fabric, but I decided against it.  I am glad I did.  It goes better with another fabric I have.  But, I have grander plans than an apron for that fabric.  One step at a time, though…


2 Responses to “Attempts at sewing”

  1. Why is the sewing machine on its side? Is it sleeping?
    No really, have you worked out what the problem is ? My local craft shop has a Janome shop attached which is useful for if anything goes wrong. I used to use Singer and am trying to think why the bobbin would have jammed but I’m coming up with nothing unless either thread wasn’t threaded properly. Is there a local sewing shop where they have machines that they could show you the procedure? Anyway good luck.

  2. Yes, I like to think that the sewing machine was resting at the time because I had definitely given up on it at that point.

    I think it had to do with the pressure of the foot that wouldn’t allow the fabric to move along and therefore allowing the thread to jam. I turned the machine on it’s side to clean out the spool and oil it lightly. There is no sewing shop near me, unfortunately. My troubleshooting is done by analyzing the instruction manual and calling my grandmother. She isn’t much help, but it does get me to calm down.

    I seem to pick nighttime to sew and by then am tired and cranky. So best to walk away for a little bit instead of ripping the fabric to shreds. I’m getting better though!

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