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Behold! The power of cleaning! January 16, 2008

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The images you are about to see cannot be used against me please.  I was in a sort of funk and being antisocial.  So, naturally, not wanting anyone to enter my sanctuary, I kept it all quite messy.  But, it was getting to the point where it was bothering me and haunting me in my sleep. 

            Room view 1                                                        Room view 2

After talking on the phone a lot with my cupcake sister who was also on a cleaning streak, I got to tackling my own mess.  I am quite happy with the results though I am not entirely done.  It’s still better than nothing.

                    Clean room 1                                             Clean room 2

I almost forgot what the floor looked like.  Now, I just need to tackle the junk of mine that migrated to the living room.  That was the real reason for my cleaning.  I always keep the common areas clean.  Lately, however, I was spilling into other rooms.  While my housemate is too polite to ever say anything, I simply could not continue.  Now… let’s see for how long I can maintain it.  I had not cleared out my room like this since end of March-early April of last year.



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