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The Holidays in a flash January 16, 2008

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Since I have started this thing after the holidays, it is only fitting that I catch up on the most significant things to happen in the most recent month or so.

Christmas cookie selection Starting at the top of the plate, going clockwise: Santa’s surprises, coconut macarooon, stained glass, gingerbread and linzer sandwich. 

My family are really quite proud of our traditions.  We leave the sit down feast/meal for Thanksgiving and go all out when it comes to Christmas baking.  This year I was very simple and standard when it came to the cookies we made this year.  While the actual baking is always done the Dec. 23rd, the cookie thought process begins a week before.  This is the time when I patiently ask my family which cookies they like the most (based on previous years) and if they saw any cookies around that they might like to try this year.  My aunt and mother had seen a picture of linzer cookies on the random paper that came with an aluminum foil pan for Thanksgiving and therefore they made one selection. [Yes, I did have to hunt for the cookie and recipe going by a picture alone.]  My brother, in the army and stationed in California, requested the peanut butter cookies, ie: Santa’s surprises.  I selected the stain glass cookies because, in searching for the Linzer, I found them to be so beautiful, I simply had to have them.

 Gingerbread tree Gingerbread is a staple cookie and has been made every year since I learned how.  My best friend asked that for Christmas I need only give him a gingerbread tree.  As for the coconut macaroons, I needed a quick and easy filler cookie.  The rest required refrigeration and that left me with too much inactive time.  This way, I made all the doughs, chilled and then could work on the macaroons as the rest chilled.  In the end, it was 12 hours of tireless sweet work but they came out delicious.  Or so I am told.  I never tried more than one of each…

Christmas tree Then Christmas day dawned and I was terribly sick.  Had a 24 tummy bug but I still managed to make out like a bandit with all my presents!  I even got the new sewing machine I asked for despite the incredulous look my mother gave me when I asked for it.  Gifts galore

As for New Year’s Eve and all that… I never look forward to that.  This year I endeavored to not stay home.  All but forcing myself into my best friend’s plans, I made a date with him.  It was so much fun.  His family loved me and, despite his being gay, very proudly introduced me as his girlfriend to all.  I even got to see his house when I stayed the night.  A first for the 4 years I’ve known him!  New Years

I did not make any resolutions this year… so we’ll see how that goes.


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