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A work in progress… January 17, 2008

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This blog is very new to me and I had never used the wordpress medium before.  I find that I enjoy it a lot, more than I did using blogger.  So I’ve really been taking the last few days to explore the dashboard and acquaint myself with it.  Not to mention I’ve been streaking across other blogs to see what they have and trying to figure out how to add it to my own.   I think that I have been managing it with moderate success.  Hopefully I’m not getting everyone all confused by all the changes and adjustments. 

I know a number of my hits are from friends, the rest… I haven’t a clue and am kinda astounded by the number that has accumulated in the bare 2 days I’ve been writing.  Therefore, lurkers are most welcome to drop a comment anywhere they like just so I know they are around.  Why?  Just because I’d love to meet you!



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