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After all my hard work!!! January 17, 2008

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Can you believe this!?  I turn away to upload the pictures and write up my post about it… when suddenly I look down at the foot of my bed where my pretty apron is… and what do I find but a fat cow rolled up all on top of it.  *sigh*

I would show you a pic of my cow, but for some reason the upload isn’t working for me tonight.  A lot seems not to be working.  Maybe tomorrow or something.

Cow curl


2 Responses to “After all my hard work!!!”

  1. Dallas Says:

    i think you’re doing wonderfully. and your cow is just being
    appreciative. she thinks you made that pinafore for her!

    good luck with the sewing. it’s definately rewarding and you look happy ..



  2. Spoiled cow… I swear! She does it to all my clothes. I’m glad the pinafore I made wasn’t black or she would have been on the thing faster!

    Thanks so much for dropping by dal-gal! *smooch!* And also thanks for the ruffle suggestion. I’m definitely going to try it in the very near future. Have it all in my head, just need to sit down and actually get to work.

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