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C’est fini! January 17, 2008

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apron alone

Look!  And they said that pisces can never finish projects!  HA!

It’s a fairly simple little apron-pinafore.  Very straightforward, I took SO long doing it because the darn machine kept being all mean to me.  But, I got it to stop. 

Here’s a close up of the details: green details

And here is me being a lovely and ecstatic model and creator: me-apron


Now that it is all said and done…. I think I should have made it just a smidge longer.  Not that I don’t like it that short, if I weren’t wearing pants it would still cover all the important parts. Very sexy, me thinks.  I want to make this same pretty design for some friends.  I know that it’s very basic and anyone can do it… but I think my gift really is the fabric and ribbon selection.  I realy have some gorgeous ribbons and the thinner ones might work better on top.  But, overall, I would consider this experiment a wonderful success!


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