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Girls’ Day Out January 19, 2008

Mom and I

My mother and I are close when we aren’t arguing and completely making one another miserable.  However, we get along pretty great for the most part.  I would never say that my mother is my friend or my best friend or anything like that.  She’s my mother and that makes the biggest fundamental difference.  However, she is one of the people closest to me in my life.  I often say that she would be the one person I would ever trust to plan my wedding for me.  And anyone who knows me would understand how big a thing that is for me. 

But, anyway, I’m getting away from myself.  So, my mother got from her sister and parents for xmas and 3 kings’ day a full package of beauty things.  They gave her gift certificates for her to get a full body massage, a pedicure, as well as a cut and dry from a local salon/spa.  She was very excited to go but she didn’t want to go alone.  So she decided to gift me with the same treatment!  Her way of seeing it was that we’d share the experience together, good or bad. 

Hair getting fixed While my mother was getting her massage and pedicure, I waited around reading Debbie Macromber’s 6 Rainer Drive (which was just awful, if you ask me, but I finished that much later in the night) and then I got my hair cut.  I didn’t want to lose more than 2 inches of hair because I’m growing it out but I was in desperate need to get my layers redone; especially the ones that are around my face. 

                                    Hair back view                                       Hair all done

Afterwards I continued reading and sitting around like a model.  You know… I had that pouty, bored expression while I read but my hair was so sleek and shy that how could I be anything but an advertisement for the skills the hairdresser had in that salon.  I really didn’t wait that long before my mother came out happy as can be over the spa treatment.  By then it was my turn and I got the full work over.  It was just amazing!  That woman had such wonderfully supple hands and she worked with just the right amount of pressure.  My mother and I both agreed that the best parts were when you lay all oiled under the heat lamps and when she used warm rocks to rub all over your skin.  It was just the best.  I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep!  Later, when I was all mellow and loose and dressed again (for a second before I entered that little room I was sort of afraid of taking off my clothes in front of a stranger.  But she was so nice that when she asked me to disrobe, I did it without shame!) I got my pedicure.  Here we did the fun beauty salon thing of gabbing all about my life.  It was fun, my hairdresser hadn’t been very talkative.

In the end, we found it to be a great success.  We want to go back and try all the other treatments in the salon and we’re both kinda sorry that we didn’t splurge on facials that day because we felt like our faces were the only parts missing from getting pampered.  We were shining like new pennies and quite pleased with herself.  I thanked my mother profusely, it really was great of her to want to take me along.  Then again, I am the only girl and I do believe she was just buttering me up to hit me up for some beauty favors the next day.  But oh well!


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