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She with the most cookies wins? January 22, 2008

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Faerie doll

My last post really got me to thinking how such a philosophy could be applied to food as well.  Lately- and here I blame all the amazing foodie blogs I’ve been reading– I’ve been really feeling as if I’ve not been cooking/baking enough.  When at my apartment, it’s just me and I don’t have this huge array of ingredients ready to cook with.  I usually just toss things in a pot and call it pasta.  Same thing, different sauce.  I’m mostly too emotionally or physically or mentally exhausted to give more of a shot when the only one who will appreciate it is me and, honestly, at that point, any food will do.  During weekends, if I’m at my apartment I try and make a bit of an effort but that gets strictly limited by whatever is in the pantry and fridge and my funds.  If I go home to my mother’s, either she or my grandmother are the ones to cook.  I’m too busy unpacking, doing laundry and repacking in the never ending cycle of “I just got here yesterday and I have to leave tomorrow“. 

Now, if it’s a special occasion, then it’s a different story.  I get full reign of any and all desserts.  Most often it’s a petition of tried and true classic favorites.  Very rarely do I get the chance to research and tap into the fun of finding something new and wonderful that I just HAVE to make.  Although, if allowed free reign over my own kitchen and with enough resources to actually do things, I think I would certainly go to town.  I’m really hoping to change all this.  My family does enjoy trying new things and I really do like putting my skills to the test. 

But still I wonder… does she with the most batter/dough win?  Do you buy in accordance to what your making or do you make according to the wonderful finds you have and wish to try?  Do you feel better making enough cookies and cakes and buns to feed an army?  Or are you alright with a single sheet or a simple loaf? 


One Response to “She with the most cookies wins?”

  1. Well I tend to overbuy~ so I’m probably the wrong person to comment! I see something and I feel compelled to try it. OR I read blogs and become obssessed with trying something new. I’ve always loved to cook though. I think the blogs tend to just encourage that obssession. I personally really enjoy having things like Cupcake Hero to get me thinking in new ways. After all, if you don’t actually cook and bake you don’t learn and become better at it. And it is easy to fall into a rut- so blogging has helped me grow and consider things I wouldn’t have before (thank you daring bakers!). My youngest sister thinks I’m the mack daddy in the kitchen but that’s because I used to make her mashed potatoes with cream cheese and put ham, cheese and celery in them. She just thought that was the bees knees when we were kids. Of course I thought I was pretty slick myself. 😉 So I cook for the army when I’m trying to encourage growth and at night after work when I’m pooped and pissy I heat up some Turkey Sausage Strombolli from Trader Joe’s. Don’t tell anyone tho. Wouldn’t want to lose all of my adoring blog fans. Oh wait- that’s Quirky Cupcake I’m thinking of… never mind.

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