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She with the most thread wins! January 22, 2008

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peach doll 

With all the things going on and all the projects on the way to their conclusion, I can feel the beginning of restlessness settle in.  Honestly, at this point I’ve had enough of crocheting that I can handle for a while.  While I do find it soothing and the like, I really don’t feel like I could be doing a project constantly.  So when I finish working the perpetual last line (just how many scalloped thingies did this thing have?!) I doubt I will be picking up a crochet hook any time soon.  Aside from that, I know I have way more to go with sewing.  I need to sit down and try making the ruffle for my pinafore as was suggested.  It seems simple enough and all I need really do is sit down and actually do it.  Then I will begin on the campaign of making them in many gorgeous colors for friends, given that said friends ever give me their measurements!  *looks out with a specific glare to the ladies who know who they are*

This feeling kind of reminds me of that time with my best friend (now sister in law) when we went about shopping for hobbies.  I came across a book at Borders that had all sorts of embroidery patterns.  Now, I already know how to embroider, as a matter of fact.  They had some very cute patterns, even one with a cupcake!  My mind went whirring with ideas, lemme tell you!   While I do thoroughly enjoy using my sewing machine, I have always like picking up a needle and working by hand.  My dilemma would be that embroidery is kinda an old hat.  I know how to do it, it poses no challenge.  It would just be a matter of getting patterns and going to town with them.  So, I’ve been thinking more on the whole quilting thing my cupcake sis was showing me the other night.  They were cute little squares to sample for quilting.  While she did sound rather offended by the idea that I wanted to do them by hand (puptart, lovie, you really did!), I’ve been thinking more and more that I might just give it a try. 

This reminds me of something my friend dallas said, that she with the most thread/yarn wins.  Now… I have embroidery floss, yarn, all purpose thread but now I want that very gorgeous multi-color quilting thread I saw at Wal-mart.  I just can’t seem to help myself. 

So now I ask you… how much thread/yarn do you have?  Only snippets to use per project or do you collect them as you go along, deciding projects to go with things you simply HAD to have? 


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