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New Socks! January 23, 2008

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I L-O-V-E the site sock dreams.  Since the puptart introduced me to the site I visit on a regular basis to drool and envy.  Last week I was in the need of a pick me up and had $25 to spare.  With that on card, I went off to the site and rampaged around to get something that was precisely that amount. (the wonderful thing about the site is that for regular usps shipping, it’s free!  So, definitely more bang for my buck!) After some fuzzy math skills, I decided on the perfect four.  I ordered these in the wee hours of Thursday-Friday morning.  So imagine my delight to have Mr. Postman drop buy with my little bundle!  Not wasting any time, I tore the plastic open and proceeded to tug on a sock at a time.  I needed to try on all four just to see their look, feel and fit.  Why? Because each pair of socks is a glove of love for your feetses!  Only the printed trouser sock had I already owned in a different pattern.  So the others I just had to be sure that they fit.  Which they did!  So here, lemme show them off!

Mini argyle Mini argyle trouser socks; pink and maroon with red lines

Music Legs; white fishnet anklet with elastic ties ballet ankle sock

white knees White Knees; white and pink knee socks

Black with pink polka dots and pink ruffled eyelet lace knee socks black polka dot


2 Responses to “New Socks!”

  1. RachoThePsycho Says:

    Ooo…I like ’em. =) sock dreams does \m/ (rawk)

  2. dave Says:

    Oh My love your sexy shoes and sexy feet your very pretty would love to give you a foot massage

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