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In Fond Memory: Heath Ledger January 24, 2008

At the oh-too young age of 28, one of the finest young actors of this movie age has passed away.  I know that my blog usually posits on food, crafts and beauty, but I simply couldn’t let this event pass without my leaving some remark.  Stepping onto the screen in 10 Things I Hate About You, Ledger was all of 19 and still starring his australian accent.  Passed off for his boyish good looks, this movie certainly wouldn’t win any awards.  However, as one of those modernized versions of Taming of the Shrew, this is the kind of movie any teenager and young adult appreciates for it’s fun.  Belting out “Can’t take my eyes off of you” what woman wouldn’t wish for such adoration?  I know I fell in love with him then.  Growing up and showing the beginnings of his signature style, The Patriot was an undeniably compeling piece to show how his quiet reserve could be channeled into such amazing intensity.  My absolute favorite movie is A Knight’s Tale where he did know how to make fun of himself and still deliver a believable role.  The quaint medieval stylings and theme just made it more than meets the eye, very much like Ledger himself.

As his career progressed, his roles were far more carefully selected.  Some say that he should have been warned off The Brothers Grimm but I, as a huge fan of his and of Matt Damon, thought the workings in the tale were quite magical.  He definitely wasn’t heartthrob worthy in that movie and it showed a clear talent to transform himself.  The challenge seemed to engage him.  He didn’t shy away from controversy and I think those were moments when he truly shined like in  Candy, Monster’s Ball, & BrokeBack Mountain.  The last especially when the beauty of the lanscape and the quiet tone of the movie itself could best be identified by Ledger’s character.  So emotionally closed off and yet so very vulnerable and innocent.  I have probably never felt my heart break more for a character than in that final scene. 

I know there are many movies of his that I have not seen and plenty that I have seen but did not mention.  My friends are talking about doing a Ledger marathon in order to fully take the impact of this loss of talent.  Why do those things most beautiful and bright seem to have to fade away?  I grieve for his daughter who will never know her father aside from the snapshots of his shining career.  They say that the newest installment to the Batman movie series shall be Ledger’s last completed work.  I know I will have to brace myself mentally to see it.  I had been so looking forward to it before.  I didn’t even recognized Ledger as the Joker.  It promises to be dark and maniacal, a true edge.

I agree with that critic who wondered how many films, as the years go by, we shall see and wonder how much better the film would have been had Ledger been alive for the part.    

Heath Ledger

May he rest in peace.

My heart and condolensces to his family and close friends.


3 Responses to “In Fond Memory: Heath Ledger”

  1. Hi BSW I so agree with you and I also did a tribute to Heath on my blog. I think that one cannot talk idly about craft or beauty when such a thing happens. Would it be okay for me to have you on my blog roll so that my readers can get to know you as well?

  2. Hi MQ!

    I know… I read your blog on Ledger as well. It’s so true what you say… that one cannot go idly by and not say the things that may seem so very obvious. It doesn’t hurt to extend a hand.

    And I’d be absolutely honored to be on your blogroll. I didn’t ask you if I could put you on mine, but I did so long ago so I could keep track of your beautiful projects. I hope that was alright.

  3. Emaiscimb Says:

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