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Ruffle me this… January 25, 2008

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I must REALLY love and trust dallas in order to have gone with cockamanee idea of putting a ruffle on my pinafore.  OY!  Gosh darn, I swear it’s the fates conspiring against me.   First off, lemme mention something I have yet to say before… I HATE cutting!  You heard me, I despise it.  I can’t cut a straight line to save my life.  Really, I can’t!  I skipped kindergarten, so perhaps this is why I never learned how to really use scissors. 

Cutting on the bias

The heretofore unmentioned reason as to why I decided to use gingham in the first place…. It wasn’t because I have this fetish for plaids nor was it because it was the only fabric on sale for a dollar a yard at Wal-mart (okay, so maybe both those things had an influence, but those were the main ones!!) was because I figured with all the boxes and stripes, I wouldn’t have to worry about cutting and stitching.  I’d always have a guide along to help me.  And here I thought I’d had it made!  Until I was told that I had to cut the darn fabric on the bias for a ruffle.  What a kerfuffle that was!  I cursed far more than I cut, I wasn’t sure how much fabric I needed and it never seemed to be straight enough.  So, one side I cut and hoped for the best.  I folded it in half (I was hoping for a strip of fabric some 12 inches wide) and went to town trying to cut me one hella long rectangle in as straight a manner as I possibly could.  I actually think I accomplished it too.  So then I folded it inwards into quarters so that I had a double layer of double and went to town with my machine.  I three 3 straight (*cough cough* Okay sure, we’ll call them that!) lines at the longest stitch length.  Then I began pulling on the fabric only to realize that one of my folds had gone all wonky and I hadn’t sewed it shut inward.  

Oh, thread!  How I cursed thee as I had to undo several dozen inches of you! thread mess     I got a system down for removing them, needless to say I was covered in loose thread and everything in between.

With a determined air, I proceeded to go about the folding and the sewing again.  I knew what I was going and this took no time at all.  But by this point I was feeling somewhat cranky over the whole thread business and it wasn’t easy being gentle in my tugging so no thread would nap and end up ruining my ruffle.  In the end, I ended up with a nice soft ruffle as my darling friend said I would.  I pinned it into place on the hem and was going to get started.  And then the machine got stuck. 

Fuc …. Oy!

I think it just has to do with the thickness of the whole ruffling and what not.  I SO do not have the whole foot pressure thing down.  So, you guessed it, I set the project aside for the evening.  I’m think that maybe I’ll just save myself the anxiety and tack on the ruffle by hand.  I could do that…

Green ruffle


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