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The “Have you eaten?” plan January 25, 2008

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sweet ivy fairy

You know, I realize the fundamental problem with my eating habits is the sheer amount of times in a day that I forget to eat when I should.  When I finally do it, I gorge myself on all the wrong things.  I know I’m not the only one and most people are totally  aware of the fact that it’s not healthy for them.  Most of my friends admit that they can only guarantee having one solid meal a day.  The rest is usually junk.  Some peanuts or some cheezits do not a proper lunch make!  Some ritz crackers are not breakfast!  I try to remind myself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with the right kind of snacks, I really and truly do.  But then this usually just leads me to at least remember to have lunch and dinner with some snacks somewhere between and perhaps after.  I don’t think my choices are unhealthy.  However, I still seem to continuously miss out on the most important meal of the day: breakfast! 

This may sound totally strange, but now I’ve gotten myself a buddy system going with the puptart.  We talk to one another constantly as it is, why not give one another a friendly reminder?  While I just plain procrastinate to eat, she nibbles on stuff but never gets to her real meal.   Since we usually wake up at different hours, our eating schedules are a little staggered.  The moment one of us remembers food or that they’re hungry she must instantly contact the other to see if and what she has eaten.  Should the other not have eaten or not eaten sufficiently, the other must command and pester until she does so.  It usually doesn’t take much pestering.  A simple “Have you eaten?  Go eat!”  works wonders.  We know that this is for our own good.  The decision as to what we eat is all our own and hopefully we’ve been learning about the right choices to make.    

What about you?  Do you have trouble remembering to eat?  Do you need a buddy system to keep you going or are you good at getting the right meals squared away? 


2 Responses to “The “Have you eaten?” plan”

  1. lemontartlet Says:

    That’s because we rock.

  2. puptart, but of course! And you know what.. we’ve been a week on it and it’s really been working for us. How many meals have we skipped? Seriously…

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