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T’is the season for lingerie January 26, 2008

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sexy goddess

With Valentine’s day in mid February, now is the perfect time for all those lovely ladies with all those lucky lovers to begin their hunt for the right something-something to get y’all in the mood.  As a sort of side business, I work on image consultation and personal shopping.  This means I evaluate people’s tastes and Wardrobes, and then proceed to make recommendations.  Often people come to me when they have the desire to acquire a certain item and they aren’t sure where to look.  They can feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices/ the apparent lack of choices/ the completely clueless notion of what will look good on them/ etc and I like to make it easier for them.  Afterall, I enjoy to shop and have a very good eye for style.  It’s absolutely a pleasure to be of any help, it really is. 

So as it stands, a few of my favorite people have asked me for their help in selecting something just right for Valentine’s Day.  It’s been an absolute delight seeing all the visions in red, the froths of lace and the shimmers of rhinestone hearts.  I understand that this is not for everyone.  In fact I know that it’s not.  I would even say that I’m not the type of girl who even wear lingerie to begin with.  But, seeing some of those lovely little creations, I somewhat wished I did have someone special to share them with.  Yet, every woman should stand proud and revel in her delight to wear the sort of underpinnings that she so wishes!  At the end of the day, I think I helped some people out and they will surely be the sex kittens they need to be because I helped them find just the right thing for them. 

Returning to my normality and everyday life, I went bra shopping!  Sure they aren’t the transparent lace pinnings that lingerie models wear (of course not!  I have an actual body with real curves!) but I think they are just adorable!  That and I think I’ve got cleavage for days.  So… right… There are fruit of the loom push up bras and I think they are just the best things ever.  I love all the colors and I even got some bikini undies to somewhat match them (and no, those are not shown nor will I show them :p).  Seems these colors are very in!

  gray bra with pink and white details and double strap  grey bra

 white bra White bra with pink straps and blue edging

 Pink bra with teal and yellow details, front close and racer backpink bra 


Could you dare to bare your underwear?


7 Responses to “T’is the season for lingerie”

  1. BTW you sure have got some balls, along with your cleavage! I totally agree about push up bras and can’t believe I didn’t discover them until I was 52!!!!!!! All the wasted years!!!!!!!
    And all because I was after a non nipple showing bra, can you believe it , not cause I was trying to look sexy. Now my ladies look sexy and there is no nipple showage……think that should be a word so am sticking with it. Great post, goes with the blog name!

  2. Jamie Says:

    Very simple and they look fairly comfy. Are they as comfy as they look? You are much bolder than I am. I could not dare to bare my undies. 😉

  3. MQ: For about a minute I pondered looking online to find some models in the bras that I purchased. But you know, I’m a real woman with curves and I shamelessly flaunt them. Some go for the anonymous postings, I will gladly put my face behind my actions. And in this case… my cleavage! And I agree with nipple coverage. It’s truly the best to have a padded bra. Some people don’t care for underwire.. but a well made and fitted bra will not poke and prod.

    Jamie, my lovie, I think one day you will attain that stage where you can tastefully strip and prop the pic… not to be judged, but to be admired for the beautiful being that you are. And as for the bras, the double strapped one can be a bit fussy.. but I love them to pieces. Definitely great support and fullness.

  4. sooky la la Says:

    hey sweets,

    cute bras! but your in the wrong size. ur underwire is cutting u like mad.

  5. Angie Says:

    oh my gosh honey… GET A BRA FITTING. You’d be FIERCE in a bra that actually fit you properly.

  6. GTimeMan Says:

    Well, I love the bras and the model!!!!

  7. Graciela Says:

    Thank you for the great tip, see you then. I never comment on those blogs, even when the content is great

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