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Movie Review: 27 Dresses January 27, 2008

27 Dresses Poster  This is another personal opinion review:  So, for some strange reason I felt very compelled to see this movie in the theatres.  Usually I wait ontil these romantic comedies are on HBO or something before I bother to watch them.  But, I was at the mall with my housemate buying fabric for a mattress cover he wants me to make for him (heaven help him for asking me to do it!), when we checked the movie listings for this movie.  We had half an hour before the next showing and thought we had nothing else to do for the afternoon.  So, we cleaned out Wal-mart out of several dozen yards of fabric, and crossed over to the theatres.

The movie started with the film screen backwards and without sound.  It took the theatre full of irate women making snarky comments for them to realize, and about a half dozen of said women to demand their money back before it started up again and right.  Then it went through some colorful fun.  The story is about a woman, played by Katherine Heigl, who loved weddings.  She felt it was her call to help out all her friends make it the best day of their lives and to be a part of them.  But, she soon realizes that it’s not so great to live the saying of “Always a Bridesmaid… but never the bride”.  When her sister is about to marry the man she’d secretly been in love with for many years, she goes into meltdown.  Pitted as the hunky hero of the movie is played James Marsden, who is a cynnical writer looking for his break from having to write about the wedding section in the paper.  He opens her eyes to realize that she can say no and let go of all 27 of the bridesmaids dresses that she’s had to endure so far in her life. 

In the end, its a happy ending for everyone.  It has to, that’s the sort of movie that this is.  But I actually enjoyed it immensely.  The characters were quirky and the dialogue seemed real.  Heigl and Marsden played wonderfully off one another.  This isn’t the sort of movie just anyone can get into, but those who enjoy romantic comedies will find the characters likable.  The ending is just spectacular and appropriate.  It makes me want to get married and have a wedding with plenty of bridesmaids and such.   

Heigl and Marsden


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