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Ruffle me that… January 27, 2008

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Apron w-ruffle

I had help, my housemate was kind enough to take this picture for me as I modeled the final creation of the apron pinafore.  I think the apron is just the right touch.  I like that the gingham is on the diagonal.  Because I was feeling up to it, I added on the ruffle by sewing it by hand.  For my apron I decided not to put a pocket.  I’m thinking that on the ones that I am making for friends I will.  Still am unsure as to whether I should put it on the bust or on the apron.  I’ll figure it out.  And since I got that book with the iron on trasfers, I’ll embroider something pretty on everyone’s pocket.  I bought this glorious white fabric which I will use on the pocket and the ruffle for the rest of the pinafores. 

Now… if the ladies would stop procrastinating and would give me their sizes already, I could get to work!  *gives the glare to the right readers*


3 Responses to “Ruffle me that…”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I promise I’ll get the measurements to you! I will get to them tonight. Honest!

    Your apron looks lovely! 😀

  2. Dee Says:

    That is the cutest apron ever!You sould put the pocket in the bottom half. I’ll get you the measumets as soon as I can. (hopefully today or tomorrow)

  3. *eyes Jamie and Dee then looks at the time* I’m still waiting!

    But thank you for the kind comments. I really do hope you like them since I will be going through all the work in making you one. If you really don’t want one, let me know….

    And Dee, yes… I was thinking that the pocket should be on the bottom half. I think I already know the general size and location. I’m just keeping myself busy embroidering while the measurements come slowly in…..

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