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Food Review: Buffalo’s Cafe January 29, 2008

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Buffalo’s Cafe

Located in Mayaguez, P.R.; 2nd floor Town Center across from the UPRM Campus.

This restaurant is definitly the in place to go on Tuesdays for the college crowd for the 0.25 cent buffalo wings (which, due to inflation and the cost of chicken, have recently been upped to 0.29 cents a wing).  Usually everyone goes for the special, ordering their wings in implements of 5 and 10, and combining them with all sorts of delicious sauces.  The flavors themselves are a wide range to suit many different tastes: Ranch, BBQ, Tequila, Honey Garlic, Terriyaki, Garlic Lemon, Spicy, et al.  My favorites are the Honey Garlic and Terriyaki.  The most common, I believe, would be Ranch and BBQ.  These wings are then accompanied with the usual potato fare in sides, such as french fries, curly fries and mashed potatoes (or loaded ones where they are covered in melted cheese and bacon)  as well as garlic bread, onion rings, side salads and nachos. 

While most at my table ordered an assortment of the wings, which arrive in the cutest multicolored array of plastic baskets, I opted for the Mushroom Swiss Burger with fries (and a side of sour cream to dunk them in…. what can I say?  I LOVE sour cream).  The environment of the place is very relaxed, the waiters are usually pretty attentive in ensuring refills and on these full days, there’s tons of activity.  The music is pretty varied, alternating between everything and then some.  Sometimes they have sports up on the various television screens.  The actual restaurant is divided in two sections, the bar area and the actual sit down restaurant.  The first having louder music and is the perfect place for those dining alone to just pull a chair up by the bar and enjoy their meal. 

I really do enjoy visiting Buffalo’s.  It’s a lively scene and the food is pretty great.  Everyday there is a special like the Tuesday-Buffalo wing combo, Wednesday’s Nachalos (a huge platter of nachos with chicken, salsa and queso verde) are probably the second most popular dish.  Thursdays has chicken penne pasta and I know Saturdays repeats the chicken wing special.   I’m not sure of the other days, but those are the most popular.  Since the place can fill up, it doesn’t hurt to give a ring ahead to see what’s up and if there is space.  Especially if you are going with a large group. 

Overall, a definite delight and one of the main stops for food in my area. 


2 Responses to “Food Review: Buffalo’s Cafe”

  1. Marlene Says:

    I don’t know if everyone knows, but this last friday may 9th, the restaurant was close for good. The owners owed a lot of money. They stopped paying the rent, over $30,000 they owed, they stopped paying air conditioning services, they stopped paying suppliers of foods, they stopped paying their own employees. The owner didn’t paid their employees their last check and was confiscated by the judge. Over 30 people are unemployed because of the bad administration. The owner named Carlos Ortiz Rodríguez and Gilberto Larrache Galiano even told their employees that it was their fault that the restaurant closed when everybody knows it wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t their fault that they didn’t paid their bills, their employees only dutie was to serve, cook or attend people not to pay their employers bills. There is a caos right know with the owner because they are refusing to pay what they owe to each employee.

  2. Wow, really? I didn’t know that! I knew that the place was having some difficulty but I didn’t know it had closed down. Seems I’m behind on the news on that front. Pity that there is such a dispute. It was a good place and a nice place to go to hang out. Although lately the service was in a terrible decline. I do hope all the employees get paid!

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