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The stitching of a cupcake January 30, 2008

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Prep embroidery

Since I was home sick today, I decided I needed something to keep myself busy with.  I would have begun working on the aprons, but seems other people seem to forget things and don’t do what they get asked for!  So, since I know that the little extra something I want to add to each apron will take me some time and patience, I figured it didn’t hurt to cut some fabric and getting to embroider the special little design which I hope to use as each pocket on the pinafore.  I got a wonderful book called Sublime Stitching which has loads of iron on transfer patterns and instructions on how to do basic stitches. 

beginnings cupcake

First up is the cupcake design for my cupcake sis. 

I lightly traced it on with a pencil. Cupcake trace

Then I used a stem stitch in green for the stem of the cherry.

Cupcake cherry done

And I used a split stitch in red for the actual cherry.

embroidery helper  I even had a special furry helper!

Currently I finished up bordering the top cupcake area with a slant stitch with a multicolor pink thread.  I’m thinking of using that same thread to fill the area in with a satin stitch.  I probably should have done the satin stitch first.  However, I thought the thread was going to show a little more color.  It’s fine, if anything, I could always add another bordering with another stitch.  Let’s see how I feel as I go along… 




One Response to “The stitching of a cupcake”

  1. ashley Says:

    HE NICE work leafers love cg you got tallent keep it up

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