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Randomness of today February 1, 2008

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Look what I found…

Kitty on crochet She knows exactly what she’s doing.

From all the remarks, I think I’m going to call my hair a dayglo koolaid red.  And since several people hunted me down and asked to see my hair dry,  here I am:

YupYup, still loving it.  And yes, I am well aware of it’s brightness.Natural red


4 Responses to “Randomness of today”

  1. Karen Says:

    Found you on the Daring Bakers list, welcome! Love your blog, very quirky and real. Entertaining. Looking forward to checking in after your first challenge!

  2. Dee Says:

    I’m surprised Ivy. That usually one of spur of the moment stunts I pulled on my hair. You usually refused to have anything to do with it on the fact that I’d have some unatural color. 😀 red always looked good on you . Kisses!

  3. Jamie Says:

    I love your hair! I would call that color rocket red. I actually dyed my entre hair that color once, but I didn’t bleach and diluted it quite a bit. The end effect was that it appeared dark auburn inside under poor lighting but outside or under bright lighting it really turned bright crimson! I miss having red hair. Perhaps someday again…

  4. Karen, welcome! So nice of you to drop by and I’m all revved up to be joining the DBers this month. Hope you had fun going through my craziness.

    DeeDee, I objected to your hair because I did not agree with the color choice. I stated and was very right in doing so that the colors you wanted just weren’t the best for your skin tone. Not to mention, who wants to look like they have a pile of seaweed growing out of their heads?

    Jamie, you must have looked just gorgeous as a redhead. Though you are too much of a sweetie and definitely don’t have the temperament for it. Though… I think with your blue eyes.. it must have looked very striking on you.

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