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We, who are about to dye, salute you! February 1, 2008

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So, for the longest time I have felt inclined to bleach out the front chunk of my hair and add in a vibrantly wild color.  Since they didn’t have the bubblegum pink that I wanted, I had to settle for the blood red that will be shone. 

Hair bleaching The things I do to myself.  This is waiting on the bleach.

 It’s like a rainbow of colors… Bleached out

Red dye in Does it look like I slaughtered something on my head?  It felt that way.

Oh my gosh!!  I LOVE it!!  Don’t I look hot? Final dye

Alright… so it’s not quite the bloodred that they promised.  It’s not pink either.  I don’t know what it is.  Any suggestions as to what we should name this follicular brightness?


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