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Oh… the insanity. February 2, 2008

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Red lips

 I live on an island without cupcake liners…..

I hate this…

I wish that I were mistaken.

However, I went to several stores on Saturday and not a single cupcake cup was available.  We turned to the super Wal-mart… nothing!  Can you believe it?  I walked every aisle.  I asked several associates.  I came out empty handed.  I nearly cried.  How could there be no little cups for the lovely cupcakes I was going to create. 

Why did I have to be hindered at every turn? 

Why can’t I just find the simple things I need?

When will this island be able to offer the things I need the most?

I don’t belong here.

Who wishes to live in a world without cupcake liners?

I don’t.

Perhaps I need to open my eyes a little wider.

Or open my mouth a little more.

Perhaps then my complaints will be heard.



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