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Back to the regularly scheduled program… February 4, 2008

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Well, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and at most I know who played (New York Giants versus the New England Patriots), where they played (Phoenix, Arizona), who I was rooting for (The Giants, of course, I was born and raised half my life in NY!) and ultimately who won (YAY for the Giants!!).  However, in my house it’s not about the game.  In fact, I don’t think we’ve even bothered to pretend to watch the game in years.  Instead, we use it as an excuse to make hearty food… the grill gets fired up and we get that pot of chili simmering.

On the menu this year: grilled bbq ribs, chili with tortilla chips, buffalo wings and potato salad(mostly done by my very talented mother with myself as sous chef).  For dessert (finally! my domain!) I prepared a caramel apple cheesecake. 

Unbaked cheesecake I used Paula Deen’s recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,,FOOD_9936_32558,00.html

I doubled the recipe and it needed to bake longer.  But still quite pretty.Baked Cheesecake

Topped Cheesecake Can you go wrong with caramel?  I think not.  I love the stuff more than chocolate!  The little foil rings under the pie tins is to sort of elevate the surface so the premade graham crust does not burn in the baking process.  We’ve adapted this after many Thanksgiving cheesecake recipes.  Works like a charm, also keeps the cheesecakes nice and level in the oven.

Final product                One slice                Leftover cheesecake

The cheesecake looked beautiful when it got the nuts on it.  I happily took the first slice before I even thought about serving everyone else.  By the time my family (and by family I refer to my mother, her parents, my aunt and my younger brother) finished hacking into it, that chunk of slice was what was left.  Werent we glad that we’d doubled the recipe?

Final Reviews: My mother thought it was a smashingly good cheesecake.  I thought that it was missing…. something.  The actual cheesecake part was perfection, not sweet at all, though we used 1/2 cup of regular sugar and 1/2 cup splenda.  I think to prefect it… the apples need to be sliced and better placed at the bottom… preferrably with a thin coating of the cheesecake mixture to set it.  While maybe some more caramel could go into the cheesecake, at the very least I thought it could have used some cinnamon.  Meanwhile, for some reason… I had visions of these cheesecake with that strawberry sauce puptart uses on her pancakes…..    


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