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Behaving like a good ‘wife’ February 7, 2008

I’ve known my best friend Carlitos since we started college.  We were both early admissions and were crazy enough to be taking Psychology together for pre-admission summer session.  That’s a solid four and a half years of love and friendship.  Every girl needs her gay husband, and he’s mine. 

So, he was kind enough today to be my last stitch effort to find cupcake liners at the supermarket.  What began as a listing of about 4 items, turned into a listing of about 20.  He kindly pushed the cart as we went up and down every single aisle.  As we neared the end of our journey, I was feeling quite victorious at FINALLY getting the darn cupcake cups.  As we’re passing the freezer section, he pulls out the only impulse purchase he wanted, some carrot cake.  Aghast, I managed very tranquil tones as I informed him that I could very easily make him a carrot cake.  Then the plan expanded, I would serve up some delicious dinner for some friends with the carrot cake being the gorgeous dessert.  It was perfect, I had most of what I needed.  We doubled back and grabbed the last few items.  Thankfully the check out lines weren’t long, but the cashier was a ditz.  When I filled out a little complaint form saying they didn’t have cupcake baking molds, she looked at me like I had three heads.  It seemed not a lot of people complain about not finding what they need!  But, I was not about to go quietly into the night.  I’d had enough of searching for simple things and being unable to attain them! 

Everyone who enters my kitchen gets put to work!

Carlitos carrot            Carlos creaming        Kidany washing

  • left: Carlitos shredding carrots for the cake.
  • middle: Carlos (another one) creaming the butter and sugar.
  • right: Kidany (my housemate) doing the dishes.

stove Alright, so I don’t have a lot of counter space.  But I get the job done!


This is the chicken as it gets sauteed.  Essentially I stir fried a chopped medium yellow onion in some olive oil until transluscent, course chopped 3 cloves of garlic and chunk chopped some chicken breast and tenders.  When the chicken was browned, I covered it and let cook on medium for 5 minutes.  Then I proceeded to dump half a jar of alfredo sauce into the pan and about half a cup of pasta water.  I lowered the heat and covered it until the pasta was cooked.  Since I’m a one pot finishing wonder, when the spaghetti was drained, I mixed in the remaining sauce.  Carefully I placed the chicken and sauce and layered on top with parmesan cheese.  I let the pot sit for 5 minutes and sprinkled with scallions for some color. 

I might have made too much salad but it looks so pretty! basic salad

finished plate


Ivy plate  Yum!                            Carlitos plate He put bbq sauce on it! Oy!


Unbaked cake  And now we finish dessert!

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup butter
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon or vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1tsp baking soda
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 cups shredded carrot
  • 1 8oz. package cream cheese
  • 1 stick butter
  • 3 cups (approximately) powdered sugar
  1. Preheat over to 325F and grate carrots.
  2. Cream butter and sugar.  Slowly add in eggs.
  3. Mix in carrots and then slowly add flour with the other dry ingredients.
  4. Bake for 40 -50 minutes or until toothpick tested in center comes clean.
  5. Prepare frosting by creaming together cream cheese, vanilla and butter.  Slowly blend in sugar until desired consistency.  This tends to be a little runny, but place in fridge or freezer to it to set and firm.

  baked cake It’s REALLY tough to control the temperature in the oven at my apartment.  I did the best I could with the three layers and I watched them very closely.  By rotating them, I found the best spot and they were done at different times.  But, it was all good! 

Final cake

I decorated it with some random dried cranberries I had on hand.

The first bite is always the best. cake slice

Final Review: Dinner was super simple but super delicious.  The onions just melted away in the cooking and the breast was really nice and tender.  The pasta itself wasn’t too full of sauce and the salad was crisp and delicious.  As for the cake, it was a super huge hit.  I actually didn’t have any cinnamon, so I used vanilla extract instead.  I love this cake, it’s so light.  And Carlitos left Zombie in my fridge.  I told him that since it was forgotten, not it’s fair game.  I wonder what a cupcake made with it will taste like………


5 Responses to “Behaving like a good ‘wife’”

  1. scizor Says:

    *Watches Ivy aimlessly as she stirrs the frosting for the carrot cake, not paying attention to what she’s saying*

    Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, I was being distracted by your boobs.” o.o’

    Dinner was DELICIOUS. The cake was AWESOME! Yay carrot cake! I’m so glad I get to have seconds for lunch tomorrow! Hurray! 😀

  2. Oh! I completely forgot about the boob comment! You’re always distracted by them. But, the cleavage was jiggling full force as I whipped the crap out of that frosting.

    Still! That’s NOT what you’re supposed to have been looking at!

  3. I was wondering when someone would mention the cleavage but did not want to sound too boob obsessed after your bra blog entry! Also what is with all the guys….they can’t all be gay!!! Leave some for a few poor boob challenged women.
    What’s with the cup cake liners…..want me to send some along with a little piece of sexy lace to slip inside your cleavage? Could the guys even see after being blinded by the sight of you jiggling as you “whipped the crap out of that frosting”?

  4. PS what is Zombie? Am I showing my age or is it an American product that I haven’t heard of?[kind of hard to believe as I have Foxtel]

  5. MQ, don’t worry about it! I think an international fan club could be started on my cleavage and breasteses! Which is kind of funny since I really don’t have much boobies to begin with!

    And, actually, those kitchen slaves are gay. One or two may pronounce themselves bi, but I don’t really believe it. So, yes, I have a posse of gay men at my beck and call who think I am just fabulous. Gets a little annoying… when you’re stirring something and asking for something and they aren’t paying you the least bit of attention.

    But, the trance was broken… I handed over the whisk so the frosting could be further beaten. I save myself the agony of sifting the sugar. Means some muscle power later, but that’s why I have a posse for!

    And, MQ, the following main post gives you all you need to know about Zombie. Enjoy!

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