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A girl and her shoes February 9, 2008

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After slaving away in that kitchen for the better part of the afternoon, and then slapping up pictures and writing for the rest of it… I decided I wanted to do something different and frivolous.  A conversation with a friend had me pondering about my shoes.  I know I have quite a few heels, some cute flats and a veritable rainbow of $3 flipflops from Old Navy.  So I did what any sane girl would do, I hunted down the right shoe for every pair I have and proceeded to photograph them.  That is… I took pictures of the ones I didn’t already have close up shots to and I wasn’t about to take pictures of my flipflops.  If you care to know what colors I have… not even I can tell you.  I change them out, wear them down and toss them when I feel inclined.  That’s the beauty of $3 footwear.  You don’t have to worry about them and you can collect them in as many colors as your girlish heart can love.

And so I begin…

  Blue tweed pumps We begin with my favorite shoe; blue tweed round toe pumps.  The heels are slightly over 3 inches high. 

 These would be my second favorite; turquoise velvet wedges Turquoise Wedges

red strappy Red strappy with a top bow and a 2 inch heel  side red strappy

I still haven’t learned to walk in these.  They are kind of painful.

But, darn, aren’t they pretty?

black patent pumps These would probably be the ones I wear the most but they aren’t a standing shoe; black and white patent mary jane pumps with a 3 inch heel.

Probably my most beaten up pumps; round toe black with 2 inch heelblack pumps

sparkly slingbacks I’d REALLY wanted to get these in turquoise, but I chickened out and got them in black.  I’m still wishing I had gotten the other pair; sparkly black slingbacks with fabric crochet flower and 2 inch heel.

My hooker shoes; clear 4 in. heels.   Hard to walk.  Made for posing clear heels

Navy strappy I bought these thinking they were black, but turns out they are navy.  I can’t remember when was the last time I wore them; navy strappy with 3 in. heel.

Gold & Pink straps, pink & orange rhinestone butterfly; 2 in. heelGold strappy

grey strappy I’ve worn these twice.  Originally bought for my 9th grade prom.  I refuse to toss them though I will likely never wear them again; 3 1/2 in. heel.

ballet close up The infamous heels to the bunny outfit. ballet lace up

No, I didn’t try to walk in these things.

The ribbon was pink but I couldn’t find it.

And I lied, the heels are really about 5 inches, not 7.

red pumps I’m still learning how to walk in these.  Notice these are my sole pair of pointy shoes.  They really hurt, I should have bought them a size larger but I got them online, and I wasn’t able to finally pick them up and try them on for a month after they were delivered.  And the ankle straps actually do help; 5 inch heel.

If you have noticed, I really do not like super high heels.  I keep them around 3 inches or less and I have a penchant for round toes and pumps.  Now we look at my recently acquired flats:

blue flower Skecher’s blue flower mary jane flats.

Grey tweed mary jane ballet flats (most worn) grey tweed

patent leather flats These actually have the barest fraction of a kitten heel and they are my favorites; black patent leather with matte ribbon.

Velvet flat with pleated front and satin ribbon. velvet flat


Last, but certainly not least!

rain boots My rain boots

Pink with green trim and tulip pattern

What?!  It rains a lot here on the island! 

You expect me to ruin my other pretty shoes?




10 Responses to “A girl and her shoes”

  1. Okay you are rivalling me now for lusciousness, but I mean my fabrics. I say always go for the turquoise or even teal and why no purple?

  2. Bob Says:

    So cute! You’re a darling!

  3. scizor Says:

    How did you manage to find all those shoes? Did you go shoe hunting or did they show up during a cleaning session? 😛

  4. Elle Says:

    Great shoes! I especially like the ones witht he pink ribbons up the leg and those darling rain boots.

  5. MQ: Yes, I do tend to go blue with my accessories, I don’t know why I don’t have purple. It must be because I have yet to see a pair of reasonably priced shoes of that color in my size. I remember a pair of pumps I did want, but… alas, the other size 10 bee-yotches got to them first.

    Bobby: You’re such a dear to say so! Thanks for dropping by. I know you appreciated the view.

    scizor: I went hunting for them and they weren’t hard to find either. I simply collected them from my closet and the more recently worn pairs from the living room.

    Elle: Thank you! I’m fond of the rain boots too. I don’t wear them as often as I should. But every now and then, if it’s raining, I wear a skirt, grab an umbrella, hop into my boots… and proceed to jump into as many puddles as I can find while walking around the block.

  6. Jamie Says:

    I adore those turquoise velvet wedges! 😀

    I also really like the bunny outfit heels and the flats. I actually just picked up some cute flats with purple ribbons on the toes. Actually, you may have seen them in my blog. I went back and bought them! 🙂

  7. Jamie, half my collection comes from ebay. I just buy and hope for the best when it comes to sizes. So far I have done very well in selecting them.

    And yay!! to you buying those pretty flats. They were so adorable.. and both purple and flats are very in this season. Although, according to the color association guild people (no, that’s not their name, but I can’t remember it!) indigo is actually “the” color for 2008. The color for 2007 was supposedly a chili red.

  8. JF Says:

    A bug on the floor would have no chance against those red strappy number! CRUNCH!

  9. Isabel Says:


    where did you buy your rain boots?? I have a very big calf, and I’ve been looking forever for some short (just like yours) rain boots…

    Coud you tell me?/

    thanks a lot!



  10. heather Says:

    you wouldnt also happen to be heather?
    that would be to strange
    I think I know you
    are you still on the island?
    US non contiguose state?
    ….do you know any fetterlys?
    maby Im crazy anyways….janes are adorable 🙂
    good day to you!

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