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She with the most shoes wins…? February 12, 2008

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beauty gown

It was brought to my attention that with my blog, I am not just a crafty foodie… but a fashionista as well.  And because of this, my thought process was not complete when I did my series on thread/fabric and cookies/baking.  There is still to be thought on how we acquire lovely things like shoes, purses, blouses and skirts.  For some, they buy what they can… not even bothering to try it on.  Functional, comfortable and practical is how many describe their own wardrobes.  But what happens when you go beyond that and you gave in to your inner diva?  Would your wardrobe be different?  Would it be the same?  Do you not care how you look?  Or do you spend countless dollars and hours trying to be the better you?  I know I would rather not buy myself lunch two or three days and buy myself a lovely pair of shoes instead.  I’ve been known to do that.  Often when I’m in a personal slump I go around buying simple things that will make me feel special.  Sure, I don’t need polka dotted socks… not need in the sense that it’s an item that my existence depends on… but I do need them.  They help me keep my sanity and brighten my outlook, not only of myself but of the world around me. 

I say that I have a fetish for pretty things.  My purchases are not limited to shoes or socks.  It could be some fake jewelry, a blouse, a pair of pants or a hair pin.  Heck.. it could be a sumptuous lip gloss or nail polish.  Do you feel better when your pretty on the outside?  Is it shallow?  Or can be combine the two so that what you wear on the outside warms your inside so that you positively glow more outward? 

What do you look for?  Do you buy for the occasion or do you create the occasion to wear something based on what you’ve bought?   


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