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Name the bunny contest February 13, 2008

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Alright folks, I’ve decided to sweeten the bunny-naming pot!

Everyone gather down and submit names!  I promise to give a fair shot to consider names suggested by all the kind people who visit my humble little blog!  I won’t put a limit as to how many names you submit, they key is finding the perfect name for my darling new girl!  You have until Friday, February 22nd. 

To the lovely visitor who submits the winning name, I will award and mail a selection of typical Puerto Rican sweets and coffee from my hometown.  They’re the best!  Not to mention a custom made apron-pinafore with a bunny embroidered onto the pocket!  (That is, if you’re not already on my listing to receive an apron already… or perhaps want another one?)  

So get a-trying!  I know y’all would do it for free… since this lovely little lady needs a special name.  All the same, I hope you’re interested in the simple treats I’m offering.


12 Responses to “Name the bunny contest”

  1. slush Says:

    OoOOo, very nice. Lets see, Rabbits.. We have had some rabbits as pets. I will mull it over and come back with some whoppers.

  2. CB Says:

    You sneaky girl. I was all excited to go see pics of your new bunny and to find out its a stuffed one… I feel gipped! haha. I ♥ bunnies! I have 2 of my own (real ones). You can see pics of them on my “ipage” on my blog… As for names– I tend towards the non-human names for my bunnies:

    1. Gingham St. Floppy (for her apron)
    2. Pinkie MacCarrot
    3. Pinky Winky McBunny


  3. RachoThePsycho Says:

    As I commented on another post deary,

    Randomy names.

    1) Luca
    2) Cake
    3) Livia
    4) Evelyn
    5) Poppie
    6) Lucie
    7) Fia
    8) Lily
    9) Mollie
    10) Savannah
    11) Rio
    12) Maisy
    13) Lexy
    14) Bo
    15) Maddy
    16) Coco
    17) Lori
    18) Bessie
    19) Tammy
    20) Minnie

    God help me when I need to name my first daughter. O.o

    Lots of mooshooing mwahs!

  4. RachoThePsycho Says:

    P.S every time I go thru your blog, hunger strikes me. I deserve some cupcakes for my efforts for reading your blog.

  5. slush Says:

    Missie Marshmallow Fluff
    Miss Winter Pinkerton

    ok thats all i got.

  6. Evilita Says:

    So happy to contribute, wabbit, wainy, booboo, coral and pinketta are My offerings for a name 🙂

  7. Jamie Says:

    1) Clover
    2) Hyzenthlay
    3) Babs
    4) Buffy
    5) Marcia
    6) Melanie

  8. Jamie Says:

    7) Angel
    8) Angie
    9) Sarah
    10) Sally

  9. oh, wow! I see so many great names… I’m somewhat thinking that maybe I should have made the deadline sooner. But, this way I get to ensure all my readers get a chance to comment.

    Keep ’em coming! I’ll be drawing up a mixed up listing next Saturday morning and examining them to see the best name. Then I shall announce the winner!

    And Clara, I didn’t mean to be misguiding… and I’ve seen your adorable bunnies! I’ve been totally lurking on your blog for, like, ever!

  10. Thanks again for all those who participated!! The winner has been selected. Please refer to the appropriate post! Love you all lots!

  11. CB Says:

    well shucks! Stop lurking… come out and play! hehe. poo I didn’t win but love the name you chose! Too cute. 🙂

  12. ted Says:

    what about scamper is that a gooood rabbit name

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