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Your love makes me wanna… February 13, 2008

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Vday xchange

It’s a little hard to buy gifts for your best friend when he’s the one carting you to the store to buy them.  However, if you’re not looking to surprise them and instead just thoroughly delight them, then it’s just fine!  I needed to get the candy boxes I usually give to my family and select closest friends, so we decided we’d hit up Walgreens.  But that place was an apparent mess and we changed our direction to Wal-mart.  If that proved not to be fruitful, then we’d hit as many Walgreens on our way back (there are 3 from the mall to here) as we fet was necessary.  However, Wal-mart proved to have everything we needed! 

I was a girl on a mission.  A few weeks back when I bought my bras, we’d seen this plush puppy who sang “Shout” and waggled his ears in time, bopping and such.  He was so cute, and we played him over and over in line.  I knew that this little thing was what I wanted to give my ‘hubby’.  It took us combing the aisles and playing every singing dog to remember which was the right one.  Finally we found the whole display with them and we turned on quite a few before picking the one with the freshest sounding batteries.  With total joy I presented it to him “Happy Valentine’s!”  I beamed!  “Now, just remember to let me pay for it.”  He was thrilled, hugging it to himself as we combed the aisles for the boxes I needed for my mom, younger brother, grandparents, aunt, housemate and another close friend. 

As it so happens, because Easter comes so early this year, right next to the Valentine’s Day aisle, there was the Easter aisle.  I happened upon these stuffed bunnies, the stuffed bunnies Wal-mart has every year and changes them as well.  They are just the same bunnies but dressed differently.  Kind of like the K-mart christmas bears…. but bunnies!  Now, some of you may know that my birthday is March 18th, and this year (much like the year I was born) the following Sunday is Easter.  So I’ve always considered myself to be an Eastery person.  There is nothing wrong with bunnies, chickies, duckies, pastels, baskets and et al.  I love them!  I’ve actually have a collection of bunny paraphenalia.  People love giving them to me for various occasions. 

Needless to say, I grabbed up the girl bunny and exclaimed “Yo quiero!” (*translation= I want!).  Carlitos took the bunny from me “Awwwww”ing and then gave it right back to me with a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to boot.  I got all misty eyed, I swear.  So there we were, hugging in the aisle at Walmart and then happily walking about with our ‘gifts’.   We even got each other chocolates to round it all out.  The funniest part was when we were paying for it and I mentioned that now he had to wait until Thursday to get the doggy.  I swear, I wish I had had my camera out!  The look on his face was freakin’ priceless!  He was outraged, snatching up the bag from the cashier as he demanded to know if I dangled sandwiches in front of starving children just for kicks.  (I kid you not, that’s the comparison he used!) 


So this is my new baby.  What should I name her?

My other bunnies are Lizzie, Maggie, Ozzy and Toby.


3 Responses to “Your love makes me wanna…”

  1. Dragon Says:

    She looks like an Eva….or an Elena… Now that I think on it, I’m liking Eva more….but Elena is good too.

  2. RachoThePsycho Says:

    Randomy names.

    1) Luca
    2) Cake
    3) Livia
    4) Evelyn
    5) Poppie
    6) Lucie
    7) Fia
    8) Lily
    9) Mollie
    10) Savannah
    11) Rio
    12) Maisy
    13) Lexy
    14) Bo
    15) Maddy
    16) Coco
    17) Lori
    18) Bessie
    19) Tammy
    20) Minnie

    God help me when I need to name my first daughter. O.o

  3. Don’t worry.. all names posted here will be added to the names listing even though the bunny contest is another entry.

    And no, Rach, for posting the names twice does not allow a double entry!

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