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Hitting up K-mart February 16, 2008

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My mother and I hit up K-mart because we needed to get some linen kitchen towels, and a few other things as well from that local shopping center in my hometown.  Now, I’d read about the towels from my Martha Stewart’s HomeKeeping HandBook, so I felt well prepared to go in there and just buy whichever kitchen towels Martha Stewart had in her collection.  It took us getting dizzy some, but we found them.  There was a huge stack of them in all sorts of colors and patterns.  I had to ask my mother if no one else bothered to buy kitchen towels… there were just that many.  Still, the collections were lovely and we couldn’t right decide the ones that would suit our needs.  Should we go for the collection with the lovely fruit print?  The gingham?  The days of the week?  Just pretty stripes?  The ice cream color collection or the sandy beach collection?   We tossed the about and we discarded the options we felt didn’t seem strong or soft or tough or sturdy or knowing we just wouldn’t use them as per day of the week and therefore lost their whimsy. 

In the end, we sort of chose the simplest stripe ones.  And as we wandered to the checkout, suddenly we each were carrying a pair of shoes (beige wedge sandals for me), the Easter collection caught our eye.  They had the loveliest sets of dishes and things that we’d seen.  Most didn’t even seem Eastery because they lacked bunnies and chicks… but the best of it was, almost everything had tulips.  Y’all know I just love them tulips.  And right there, what do I see… but a cupcake stand!  My eyes must have lit right up because my mother bought it for me. 

So, yay!!  Look at what I have now!

Cupcake Stand


One Response to “Hitting up K-mart”

  1. scizor Says:

    Pretty! So let me get this gay…you found a cupcake stand, but you haven’t been able to find cupcake pans? O.o Now i believe you, this island really is ass backwards.

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