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Tagging the Bombshell February 22, 2008

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Like, zomg!  I feel SO special!  Tempered Woman (see my blogroll for her addie) actually tagged me in a meme.  This humble bombshell is flattered to have been noticed by such a wonderfully delightful and talented blogger that is TW.  Maybe because I totally stalk her and stuff.  She’s probably the one blog that freezes up my decrepit laptop that I still make the effort to view regardless! 

Anyhoo!  Here it goes…

  1. Link to your tagger and post the rules. (This is looking easy.  I’m feeling good about myself.)
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself. (And I shall! ) 1. explain how you got your first or middle name, 2. where you were born, 3. your favorite fruit, 4. something embarassing about you and 5. answers the question “Your dream wedding would have to include…” You must also supply at least one funny photo that goes with one of your facts.
  3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and listing them. (Wait, I don’t know how to link to people… nyah, but everyone I will pick is probably on my blogroll already.)
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by commenting on their blog. (Hold on, wait a minute!  TW hasn’t come over to warn me yet!  I’m so gonna tell on her….)

My five facts:  

  • My name would have been Joanna, but my parents decided to name me after a soap opera character. 
  • I’m a New Yorker.. In Flushing.  No, I don’t have the accent.
  • My favorite fruit is pear.
  • I’m a sour cream junkie.  I slather it onto everything and have some fantasies about it.  >.> …. <.<  Some I’ve fulfilled.  Now…. all I need for the best one is a swimming pool and many gallons of the stuff.
  • Goodness… my dream wedding… depends on the day… But it will have tulips.  Oh.. and I’ll hope not to be a bridezilla… and a kick ass bachlorette party with my girlies:  


(I’m the one on the right, of course) 

And now…. to those of you who I shall tag! 

  • puptart: my partner in crime
  • jamie: one of the best girlfriends a bombshell can have
  • carlitos: we’re “married” on FaceBook, so everything I do, he must too.
  • kitten: my sister from another mister

Run along and be free memes!  Do my bidding oh tagees!


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