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Being geek eyecandy February 23, 2008

posing bombshell Carlitos called me up this morning and told me to suit up.  He was going to be at the local card/ geek shop at some card tournament and wanted me to go with.  Now… I have a confession to make. 

I am a geek.

I am a D&D playing, Harry Potter card wielding, dice shaking, vampire creating, infiltrating rougue with a cleptomaniac ewok of the side. 

Oh yeah, you heard me right.

I roleplay…  I used to write fantasy and sci-fi stories on yahoo groups, I was in a 2 year long Warcraft d20 campaign as an infiltrator rogue night elf, I was a few months in a Star Wars campaign where I played a kick ass teddy bear who had a spear and threw rocks, I’m currently in a Vampire: the Masquerade campaign where I’m the prima donna which most call barbie but has so far been the keen one to piece together clues instead of shoot up badguys. 

Needless to say, all my dice are pretty and match.

Many lovely shades of green.

Anyway, I slipped into my mini and pumped up my cleavage.  What they say about some geek guys is not stereotypical.  And anytime I’ve gone into the shop, I’ve been oogled at.  Why not use that to my advantage?  I could distract them with my cleavage… and I did!  Though it seemed I distracted Carlitos with it as well. 

Still!  I had fun!  I twirled my hair and got the pokemon card game explained to me.

I got quizzed over my knowledge of D&D when I squealed over the book “Song and Silence”.

I spent over 15 minutes selecting matching d10’s because I refused to settle for anything but the prettiest ones.  And then got quizzed some more as to why d10’s.. and impressed a few over my playing V:tM.

I helped a friend try to make a deck with my extre Harry Potter cards while other geeks hovered to get a closer look at what card game the single girl was playing.  Then I proceeded to trounce the new deck… he almost had me, too.  But few can withstand a “Potions Test”.  The owner of the shop promised to find the boosters in his shop so I could look through them.. and a few of the hovering geeks got the nerve to talk to me.. and might even try to get some cards together too. 

It was a nice day.   


One Response to “Being geek eyecandy”

  1. Dee Says:

    You’re hot geek baby, had a blast playing 4e debut with you at the gaming shop.

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