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And… the winner is! February 24, 2008

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Ladies and Gentlemen, please…

bring your attention to me.

I present to you my latest christened member of my family!

bunny family

Miss Poppy Pinkerton

What does this mean?

It means that both my stalker, Rach, and Slush, have won the name contest! 

I spent many hours trying to decide on a name.  Many more of them being bugged by the participants to go and make up my mind already because they really wanted to win the prizes.  When it came down to things, I felt that Poppy was perfect, but Miss Pinkerton had an appeal too.  So, they got smooshed together, somehow hoping that the same person submitted them both.  However, I’m happy to announce both winners here! 

Now, if the winners would kindly email me at bombshell [dot] within [at] gmail with their addies, I will get about figuring out how to divvy up the goods.  I’m sure neither lady will be disappointed! 

I hope those who submitted names are not disappointed.  Perhaps another name contest will happen in the future.  Or, if there was something in particular you desired, email me as well and we can discuss it on the down-low. 

Thanks again for all the participation!  You lot are just the greatest! 


2 Responses to “And… the winner is!”

  1. RachoThePsycho Says:

    *waffle dances madly* yeaaahhhhh!

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