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7 weird things you don’t know about me February 26, 2008

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[And probably wished that I’d kept to myself once you’ve read them!]

The ever so gorgeous and talented MQ from Magik Quilter tagged me with this.  Since she is probably the first totally random person to hit about my blog with a comment, and has become a faithful fan since, I could hardly deny her!  So here we go…

The Rules are simple:

  1. Link back to the person who tagged you.  [But I haven’t learned how to do that yet!  Can’t y’all just take her off my blogroll?!]
  2. Post the “rules”. [Thank goodness these rules have gotten easier!]
  3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself. [Okay… lemme get to thinking of some really good ones!]
  4. Tag seven people and link back to them. [This is getting hard again.  Do I even know 7 people to tag?!]
  5. Comment on their blogs to let them know they have been tagged.  [Hows about I don’t but I say that I did?]
  6. Stand on your head while typing.
  7. Forward all your pretty accessories to this bombshell.

[Kindly disregard rules 6 & 7.  I just wanted this meme to have 7 rules.  But, couldn’t think of anything good… or maybe I’m serious.  At least with #7…. nah, j/k.  Well.. if you feel inclined to donate things to the bombshell collection, I won’t stop you.  I’ll love you forever. Promise!]


  1. I have a beauty mark on the outside right calf, basically centered on it.  I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and if you look at it closely, I swear that it looks like one very fat sea horse. 
  2. I love sour cream.  Like, seriously love the stuff.  I think it deserves an altar and virgin sacrifices because it is so amazing.  If allowed, I’d put it on top of nearly everything I eat… and for the most part, I kinda have when I manage restraint and have some on hand.  I have fantasies with the stuff… some I have fulfilled… and others that I can’t because I can’t seem to calculate how many gallons would have me happily wading in it in a decent sized pool.  *ahem*
  3. If the good Lord had made me skinny, I think I would run about naked.  At the very least, I would run about in pretty matching bra and panty sets… and a nice set of heels.  I’m a total exhibitionist but I think I do it with style.  I know many who are not comfortable in their own skin.  When I think of the top 3 things I’d change about myself physically, weight is not one of them.  I don’t much care for diets or eating “right”.  I dress to fit my body type and shape and I eat whatever I think will taste good.
  4. For the pre-Easter chat season, I’ve been going under the nick leafy`bunny just because it seems so cute!  And, the lovely and wonderful dallas showed me a news article about an artist, Claude Lalanne, because of this image: Leafy bunny
  5. My motto is “With genius come chaos” and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it when it comes to why my room is such a mess.  I’m seriously sorrounded by clutter.  I make an effort for other people’s benefit.  I mean I keep the student council office impeccable and I used to have my investigation lab absolutely spotless!  People would truly believe me to be so very neat and tidy.  I’m actually anything but!
  6. I suck a ironing!  I mean… truly and totally suck at it.  You would think I had most domestic tasks down packed.  But nope, this one is my one super huge failing.  I have no idea what it is or why, but few things I iron look truly well ironed.  The most I can do is look semi presentable and hope the faint wrinkles stretch themselves out with wear… or look like they came from just the usual wearing.
  7. I’m not a fan of diamonds.  I’d rather wear a rhinestone or a cubic zirconia.  I don’t know why I don’t much care for them.  I think they are just so plain.  Sure, they have sparkle, but so do many other things.  From a chemical viewpoint, they are quite fascinating in structure.  But that’s about it.  I wouldn’t even wish for a diamond engagement ring.  My dream engagement ring is an aquamarine, which is my birthstone. 


I’m totally going to break the rules and not tag anyone. 

But if kitten, Jamie, TW, Rach, Dee, scizor and puptart

feel like responding, then so be it. :p


2 Responses to “7 weird things you don’t know about me”

  1. Thanks BSW very wittily handled though I did not understand no 4…is it a generational thing or am I just thick?
    I have found that my usual genre if you call it that of craft blog is very boring..or staid…or poserish…did not say I was judgemental in my meme did I? So we have found that these sort of meme thingies liven things up a bit. Obviously a blog such as yours does not need livening up!

  2. MQ, #4 has to do more for the fact that a good many of my readers are friends I’ve made while chattering in an IRC chatroom. Most call me leafy because it’s a play on my real name (Ivy) and originally my common nickname was goddessoftheleaf. Now, a couple years later, leafy transforms herself from doll to bunny to bombshell with an angelical`muse tossed into the mix. It’s always fun to see the handles and nicknames we use for outselves online.

    And whatcha talking about, I ADORE memes. They can be so much fun. Jamie has a whole lot on her blog and I’m always swiping them to liven up my postings when I really have nothing to say. Last week I should have stolen a couple because it was a particularly ‘slow’ week.

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