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An undiscovered talent? February 27, 2008

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I have once again completely impressed my housemate with my completely mundane cooking skills.  As he’s currently hounding me to make pot pie some time in the near future, I went and pulled this little trick out of my sleeve.  Now, softboiled eggs are my favorite things in the world.  They are my go-to comfort food.  Comes from many sore throat infections as a child and not being able to eat anything substantial.  But an egg boiled for 4 minutes was…. perfection and more than soothing on the misshapened and deformed tonsils.  Anyways… I’m digressing.  So, since I love soft boiled eggs and sunny side up eggs and just about egg in any form in which it’s yolk is gooey goodness, it comes to no surprise that I would like poached eggs.  The funny thing is, I’d never made them before.  I don’t know why not, they are so stupidly simple.  And lately they have been all over the slashfood board.  So, I went and gave it a try. 

poached eggs

Either you can’t mess up poached eggs or they are stupidly simple.  Now, what I did was put about 1 1/2- 2 inches of water in my housemate’s rice pot with about 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and set it to a nice steady simmer.  Then I used the 1/2 cup measure because it had a handly little handle as I let some of the hot water enter it to begin hardening the whites.  I carefully slid it out into the water and tucked the edges gently over until the eggs seemed to stay together.  I let it cook for 2 or 3 minutes… or however long it took me to calmly fix the bread with cheesewiz and ham.  I gently flipped the egg over and let it simmer for one last minute.  After carefully draining it, I placed it over the open faced sandwich, sprinkled lightly with salt and enjoyed.  My housemate totally loved it and was hounding me to make another. 

Sure, it isn’t the poached eggs over asparagus and corn bread biscuits or even the ones with the hollandaise sauce.  However, they were sure darn good enough for me.


6 Responses to “An undiscovered talent?”

  1. Looks yummy….I used to live on those in my single days. Nothing quite like an egg with the yolk just soft…..but NO to runny whites…think I am going to chuck just thinking about it. My husband has his all aquiver …why is that coming up as an error? Can’t find my dictionary.
    If you want to link this is how you do it in a blog entry..can show you how to do it for websites once you have mastered this one, that is if you want to.
    BSW to link, you firstly highlight the word or title [basically make it blue or whatever with your mouse] on your blog post that you want linked,

    then you click the word …edit…. at the top left of your computer screen, and scroll down to …copy….and click that.

    Now you click a little chain icon that activated when you highlighted your word or title….the chain icon is on your page where you are writing your blog…it is just under the title, post and visual and code boxes it totally lights up when you highlight the word..and it is the 11th icon along. When you click that it brings up a box which has an insert box at the bottom …you simply click there and that is it. You are linked…it is really easy I am just a terrible teacher.
    Hope this helped not hindered.


  2. Actually poached eggs are my comfort food. I have a most gorgeous beautiful pan from Williams Sonoma that makes them all perfect little cups. I can eat poached eggs with hollandaise every single freakin day. Doesn’t matter what it’s on but I really lurve them on polenta. Oh God I’ve just made myself insanely hungry typing this.

  3. RachoThePsycho Says:

    I’ve never had poached eggs…. =( soft eggs are yum however! (my nan used to call them fuffy eggs! =P)

  4. MQ: Oh! So THAT’S what those buttons do! I’m going to have to go about and play around with it some. I suppose I’m just lazy and hadn’t bothered. Thanks though! I will studiously try to link something in the near future to prove you are a wonderful teacher.

    TW: The curse of looking at foodblogs.. you always end up walking away hungry. Now I’ve gotten to wondering if hollandaise sauce is difficult to make. Perhaps it shall be a project of mine next.

    Rach: omg! you’ve gotta give them a try. At first the whole concept just looks funny and weird (you should have seen the looks my housemate was giving me!) but the result is well worth it!

  5. Think I left one stage out with those directions…told you I am a terrible teacher….should get my son to explain it to you, been told he is exceptional at these things..okay I tell everyone that.

  6. MQ: No worries! Thanks for the help. I figured it out with what you told me. Now I feel mighty stupid for not having figured it out beforehand considering how easy it was!

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