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Lovely Hosiery February 28, 2008

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I was down at a local sex shop adult product store this evening and I was most delighted to see they had brought in plus sized hosiery!  This was a thrill because not even my local lingerie shop has this variety and quantatity, and believe me I have talked to the shop owner and tried to convince them they need to order more products.  Unfortunately, seems the plus sizes don’t move fast enough for them.  I think it’s more them not doing their jobs and allowing women to buy the wrong sized hosiery.  There are far too many women squeezing themselves into things two sizes (or more) too small.  And I swear the sales associates are no help at all!  They don’t even help you find your right section.  I know I’m fat!  I really won’t be offended if I’m steered to the plus sizes.  Saves me time and I don’t get frustrated.  I therefore spend more money on the pretty things I do have the time to see.

Oh no… I went off on a rant.  I didn’t mean to!  But, let me get back on track to show off the two sets of stockings I bought:

white with red hearts White thigh-hi stockings with red scattered hearts and a red bow on front; toes are opaque.  I think they are cute and fun, but they really do need a garter belt because they don’t stay up on their own.

black ribbon and bows Black fishnet thigh hi with ribbon and bow details; lace stay up tops and seam in the back.  I really loved the feel of these and would probably wear a garterbelt, just in case.


7 Responses to “Lovely Hosiery”

  1. Okay we have second hands shops but you have adult stores!!!
    We only have them in dirty areas of the city…did you have to go far? I am also curious to your nationality are you from Puerto Rico or just resident there? If so your English is amazing.

    Very clever use of the word quantatity [usually spelled quantity]….what with red and black stockings and adult shops I guess your mind just went to titties.

    So what would you be into if you could go vintage shopping…jewellery, compacts, clothes or more the records and books?
    Also do you prefer gold or silver jewellery?

  2. Actually, MQ, we didn’t have to go far at all. There are about 3 main ones located in brightly lit shopping centers with cheery neon signs and all 3 are along the main highway. Sure, they have names like Condom World and Condom Paradise, but that’s about it. Only the people who go to them pretend to be all shady. I’m probably one of those strange people who skip into those places as if I were in a bakeshop, I wore a pretty bow on my head and maybe should have taken my large lollipop. But then they might have tried to card me or something, which I would have found vastly amusing…. *plots and plans for next time*

    To answer your question: I was born and raised half my life in New York. I have been in PR since August ’97. Spanish is my second language and I’m fully bilingual. However, English is still my mainlanguage… I will naturally revert to it even though I screw it up now and again [I believe I was thinking of the word quantative which is one I use far too often in my studies and hence the mistype. :p]

    And, if I were into vintage shopping.. I’d probably be very into the jewelry and housewear section. I’d be all over the dishes and serving platters, vases and candleholders, not to mention perfume bottles and compacts, necklaces and earrings. As for my preference…. I know gold looks quite good on me, but I seem to have a natural gravitation to silver. The problem with silver is that it does tend to require more cleaning, which can be a hassle.

  3. And I thought it was a play on words [titty]…..and I will look out for something like my flowered set of jewellery for you….pierced ears or not? [just in case]

  4. scizor Says:

    The black fishnet ones look way better than I thought they would! Do I have a good eye or what? 😀

  5. MQ: awwwww that’s so sweet. And my ears are double pierced.

    scizor: I know! And the black ones fit better too! I ‘m kinda pissy that the white ones don’t seem to stay up on their own but it’s their tops. Not stable and solid enough. Oh well… I think I might begin considering investing in another color garter belt.

  6. Terri Says:

    Gorgous sexy linerie for us plus size gals!!

  7. Hi, I am also a regular size gal (plus size in lingerie), so when I started https://www.cheriescloset.com, I was determined to carry a VAST assortment of plus size lingerie. I have loads of plus size hosiery in stock (all Music Legs). Currently I sell most of it from my ebay store. I am still adding items to my website that I carry. You should go look around. And, just so you are aware. The corset company we’ve just picked up, will have sizes all the way up to 6X!!!

    Please come see us, and if you can’t find something specific, email me and let me know. I’d be happy to help out! 🙂

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