Emerging of the Bombshell Within

An eclectic view of a girl's life

The leading bombshell February 29, 2008

school mascot

Tarzan, campus mascot

It often amuses people to no end to hear that the intials to my university are R.U.M.  But, that’s the way of it.  We also have a brewery right across the street from campus.  It’s pretty cool but the malt stench on hot humid days is just….. stomach churning.  Anyway, for those of you who do not know, all is not merely cupcakes, socks and sewing in the bombshell world.  I’m actually an elected student official.  If we were to put it in the schematics of student representation hierchy, I would be second on the list (first place is tied).  I’m actually the Academic Senator elected for Science in my Faculty, thefore allowing me a place on Student Council.  There I’m actually vice-president.  Pretty neat, eh? 

What does that mean?  What is it I do?  Well, for one, I’m only one of two Senators for my faculty.  We parlay situations between students to our Dean and participate in meetings in order to keep abreast of all the subjects, courses, topics and materials that can affect our students.  This is my second year on the Senate.  There we actually write the rules and regulations that govern our university.  And please don’t confuse Student Council with some greek council.  This isn’t ruled by popularity.  We seriously consider all matters that students have to deal with oncampus and off, then try to open the proper channels within the Administration so that students get the best services possible. 

Many think this is just self importance.  But considering we have the power of assemblies, know the Deans and Chancellor by first names and sometimes go out for nachos with these people means there is a rather real connection.  We’re an integral part of the structure and I think it’s kinda neat.  It can get kind of crazy though because at least once a year there is a hot topic that seems to get the campus buzzing.  Last year as the increase in tuition which had a possible strike looming above our heads.  This year there are highway construction plans that will cut into an agricultural observation center which sits right behind campus.  My university was founded because of agricultural and mechanical sciences, so you can see how this is a big deal.  The agricultural science faculty is in an uproar.  It’s gotten the more loud mouthed socialist students joining them and creating such a buzzing that it’s deafening. 

I just kind of have a feeling that it’s going to get uglier before it gets better.   I have the feeling that the administration has made up their mind and the students are wasting their breaths.  I think that the president of student council is having a conflict of interest because it’s his faculty which is coming into play here.  I think I’ve really not been feeling up to task in my positions this semester.  

 school flag


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