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Opening the bombshell motel? March 2, 2008

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Alright, let’s see if you can keep up with me on this one… 

 My mother is the Director of the Associate’s nursing department for a community college.  This college has two branches, one of which is in the same town that I study in (Mayaguez, for those of you who have paid attention) and is the newer branch.  My mother works in the other one but the director to the one closer to me and her are very good friends.  Now, my mother and her colleagues usually get together on a near regular basis for some simple socializing.  In potluck fashion, they randomly throw parties at people’s houses.  The Mayaguez director decided that she liked this idea and began doing it with her professors.  Being that my mother is quite social (believe me, I’d make TOTAL sense if y’all met my mother), she decided she was going to crash the party they were having this weekend.  However, most of the professors are local to this area, which is a good 40 minutes from my hometown.  Obviously, in order to make it to the party, it was most convenient for my mother for her to stay at my apartment.  If she was going to stay the weekend, then my little brother obviously had to come along.  And because my mother has another good friend who wanted to come to the party, the invitation for her and her 2 sons to crash at my place was also extended. 

Thusly was how I ended up with 6 people in my apartment.

Now, for two people and a spoiled cow, my apartment is very comfortable.  My housemate was going home for the weekend and gave me permission to use his room as well.  Surprisingly, everyone was comfortably accomodated.  My mother’s friend stayed in my housemate’s room with her sons while my mother and lil bro had the living room.  No one needed to share a bed unless they wanted to and I managed to keep my room all to myself.  It was a pretty neat arrangement.  The only complication was then starting the showering cycle with enough time to not be too late. 

I was a little stressed about having people over.  I usually reside in casual chaos which isn’t entirely proper for when you have company over.  As was seen when I deeply cleaned my room some months ago, things can get messy.  My room wasn’t quite so bad, but I think my living room was.  So, the week previous to this, I spent it cleaning and organizing.  It wasn’t perfect but heavens was it an improvement!

On the Friday that everyone arrived, we went to Buffalo’s and this event would have been occasion for a very nice meal if it hadn’t been for the fact that the restaurant was without water suddenly.  The service took forever but in the end we got to eat some good food.  I was disappointed that it had let me down.  ‘Things aren’t usually that bad’ I had to say over and over again to the other 6 people dining.  Plus there was this huge drama about someone getting fired that day from one of the campuses.  So that had the directors all aflutter with their cell phones ringing off the hook. 

Gossiping directors

Luckily, by the time we finished dinner it was time for the bathing round to begin and everyone went straight to sleep after it.  I was afraid that I was expected to entertain my guests the next morning, the party wasn’t until the afternoon.  Luckily, they entertained themselves while I slept in.  After my mother and her friend went to check out the other director’s apartment and give her tacky (but apparently thoughtful because she loved them) housewarming gifts, we all piled into the minivan to make our way a few towns north. 

 party people Whoever said that professors behave with more decorum than students never got the chance to hang around with professors.  I have had ample opportunity and believe you me, I think they behave a lot worse than a rowdy lot of teens and young adults.  And, as it turned out, the host’s boyfriend is a professional drag queen.  It was my mother, of course, that flat out asked to see his pics and see all his crowns and costumes.  This bombshell was not far behind but I’d left my purse in the car… so there are no pics of us trying on those huge pageant crowns.  And that man makes one beautiful woman!  He looked like a barbie!  As a man he wasd very unimpressive.  He’s the tall fellow with the orange polo in the pics.  But as a woman… I wanted to weep with envy.  A barbie!  No joke! 

 dinner table

One complaint I have about Puerto Rican parties is how late one actually eats dinner. 

I must be strange, but I like to eat by 6pm.

It was rather late when we got home and began the bathroom round.  Of course, we did have a bit of trouble when my cow decided it was her turn to use the bathroom.  What my guests hadn’t realized is that I have one spoiled cat.  She refuses to drink water from a bowl.  She likes it straight from the source, hence why she sits on the side of the bathtub to drink water.  And with her either being left in my room or stuck waiting for the bathroom door to be open, it was only fair that she stole a turn to drink some water.

cow drinking

So, if you are ever in town and need a place to crash, be sure to look me up.  I recommend calling at least half an hour in advance so I can scrounge up the clean sheets and guest towels.  Not to mention the time it takes for me to divvy up all the mattresses to accomodate.  From my estimation, there is capacity for 10-12 people in my tiny digs.  That’s more than plenty of room.

bedroom 1                                          living room

Baking can be done for the guests, but ingredients must be provided.

What?!  I don’t charge for staying over, it’s byof (bring your own food). 



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