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The recipe for my mac & cheese March 5, 2008

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sweet girly 

For most of my cooking, I’m of the style of cooking of “nyah, that looks about right!”  If I think it should go into something and make it yummy, in all likelihood, I will.  This, of course, complicates matters when you write a blog where recipe sharing seems to be very important.  Last week I’d made such awesome mac & cheese with my dinner that this week, I decided that it would be my fall-back in yumminess again when I didn’t feel like cooking tonight.  But, when I posted about it, I hadn’t given the recipe and someone asked for me to share it with them via email.  I found it so funny the way that I shared my recipe that I’m going to copy/paste it exactly as I emailed it. 


Alright, so the recipe is for about… one really hungry person eating this alone and wanting that last spoonful or two a bit later… or for 2 people having it with something else. 
Boil and drain (mostly) 1 1/3- 1 1/2 cup of elbow macaroni.  [The mostly drain is that you still wish to have some of the starchy water in it, I then return it to the pot and place it back on the original burner, but it’s not turned on.]
Splash in a generous 2 tablespoons of milk. [I use lowfat milk because that’s the one I usually have in the fridge and I like.]
Add a pat of butter  [I’m guessing this is approximately on the shy side of 1/2 tablespoon.] and a generous spoonful of cheesewiz [After close examinations of this dollop, I’d estimate it to be about 2-3 tablespoons]. 
Blend in a generous half cup of grated cheese [If I’m lazy I used the pre-grated Kraft mexican 4 cheese.  It’s actually quite tart and good.  If I don’t have that on hand, I use 3 part cheddar and 1 part mozzarella.  These latter are probably the easiest to have on hand.]
Mix it all until the cheese has melted.  It’s important to work fairly quickly to use the residual heat of the pasta and the burner to get it all together.  So it’s best to have everything on hand to dump into the pot.  If you feel the mixture is too thin, let stand for 5 minutes, covered and on the same burner.  If it’s too thick, splash in some more milk.  [I have never had the need to fix it, and usually eat it no matter how it turns out.]
Hope this is helpful!  Enjoy!
Love you much!
Always, Ivy


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