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Restaurant Review: Denny’s March 6, 2008

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Denny’s Logo

Located in Mayaguez

I love Denny’s.  I really, really REALLY do.  There are no diners here.  This is the closest I’ll get to one here on island.  Isn’t that sad?  There isn’t even an IHOP which I think is even sadder (last time I was in IHOP was when I went to Dallas summer ’06.  I got teary eyed at the site of the 4 carafes of syrup on the table, no lie).  Anyways, but I digress. 

As it turned out, this week I hit up Denny’s not once but twice.  Now, this is unprecedented because we usually reserve the visits for special occasions.  This time I returned with my hubby and my housemate.  Actually, it was just going to be with my hubby again but my housemate tagged along.  I can’t remember why we were going again.  I think we were just hungry and it was midnight again. 

This time we weren’t in the mood for breakfast foods.  Well, I wasn’t.  And I decided to have their slamburger, which was this totally amazingly huge burger topped with hash browns and a fried egg, then a mountain of fries on the side.  I know Carlitos was a little weirded out by it, but he ordered one too with a side of french toast (he really loves the stuff and it’s actually the only place that serves french toast right in these parts).  I can’t remember what my housemate ordered, but I think it was just the regular breakfast with extra bacon instead of sausage (why he would do that is beyond me!  Denny’s is also the only place around these parts with sausage links to go with the meal as well). 

Well, you already know I love Denny’s.  I love it so much that I can forgive the fact that their service sometimes sucks.  But I will say that it has vastly improved in the past year or so.  I rarely go during daytime hours, so I don’t know if it’s better for people who go when you’re technically supposed to go.  I only go after midnight and before 5am, and in my eyes that’s the time you’re SUPPOSED to go to Denny’s.   The food is amazing even though they never have biscuits, but everything else just rocks.  The menu is the same as every other Denny’s except for some Puerto Rican stuff in the dinner/lunch menu, but I can’t tell you about those because I like to pretend like they don’t even exist. 

All in all, definitely one of my favorite haunts in this town.


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