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The first bday celebration March 10, 2008

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 lounging bombshell

My housemate wanted to be the first person to celebrate my birthday with me, so he took me out to a late lunch a whole 8 days ahead of time.  He knows that I have the long standing date with my gay hubby on the day that’s closest to my birthday for us to go out.  It’s tradition that for our birthdays we have a dinner just the two of us, and often some people get kind of pissy that we don’t let anyone else in on the fun.  Only on extremely rare occasions do we let others join us and still we’re the ones who treat the birthday person.  Anyways, I’m wandering… my dinner with Carlitos will be on Thursday, so I’ll expound more on that later. 

So, Kidany insisted he was taking me out and taking me to Sancho Panza for pizza and fried cheese.  It was sweet since this meal is sort of our basic meal when we go out together, but he wished to treat me this time.  We walked on over, since it’s about 3 blocks from our apartment.  Once there we ordered our staple things.  The appetizer of wonderful fried cheese, the garlic bread is complimentary and I always order a large cup of passion fruit juice.  I really love the stuff, it reminds me of my junior high school days when I’d hit up the litte truck in front of school and get a little bottle of passion fruit juice.  If you got it early in the day, it’d still be kinda frozen and I’d have a nice slushy sort of drink to down in the heat that I still wasn’t accustomed to. 

As main cource we got a large pizza (the extras we were fully intending to take home with us to feast on for brakfast the next day) half pepperoni  and half extra cheese.  I don’t like pepperoni, so you can guess which half was meant to be mine.  All the while we were joking and talking lightly.  When it came time to dessert, I really wanted a tierrita dulce (a delicious little pot of mousse with layers of finely crumbled chocolate cake), but they were all out.  Instead the waiter recommended a slice of flan with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon.  It seemed a bit odd, but I was game.  My housemate wasn’t until he could have a taste of mine.  Then when he found it delicious, he got some for himself. 

 Overall, it was a delightful meal.  I like it when it seems like everyone is just celebrating your existance in the world.  I’m always quite gracious when it comes to gifts and dinners out in my honor.  Sure, there’s plenty to say about being humble, but I think birthdays are the one time of year where you can be a little selfish.  Or, if you are like me, you take the entire month to extoll the fact that it’s all about you that month and your wish is their command.     


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