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A new addiction March 11, 2008

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I seem to have gained a new addiction. 

 I will blame my gay posse for this.


The thing is, Carlitos has a Wii and all the guys were going over there to play.  I was feeling very left out.  Why could they have all the fun and assume that I wouldn’t be able to participate in the control bashing fun?   Well, I had to go and prove them wrong and that they should never underestimate a girl.. not one who has the killer marshmallow on her side! 



They didn’t realize that I could actually play video games.  I just often choose not to…or rather, am very selective with which games I will spend my time trying to understand. 

 For arcade games: the shooting game of Area 51 (my brother says that if aliens ever invade Earth that he’s going to give me the gun)

 For X-Box: Thief and any of the Knights of the Old Republic series.  I’m also quite good at playing Jedi: Outcast when it’s a multiplayer fight.  Halo, although popular, is one I just can’t get the hang of.  The camera angles make me dizzy and I don’t seem to have the shooting figured out.

 I’d say that I like the old school systems best.  Super Nintendo had the best hand controller.  Simple and comfortable to hold.  I’m a masterful key basher and I can pull out super finessed fighting combos in games like Street Fighter.

 Gameboy: Tetris of course!

I know there are a lot of other game systems but I can only go on about the ones that I have been exposed to and have actually bothered to get the hang of some of the games.  This one is loads of fun since it’s an all out fight between the better known game characters.  You can adjust levels and items and really have some fun.  I just think Kirby is cute and fun to play with.  That, and his special move to really clobber people with is that he pulls out this huge cauldron, dons a chef’s hat and bowls up the characters.  What could be better than that?



One Response to “A new addiction”

  1. kirby is the cutest thing ever

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