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The absent Bombshell March 12, 2008

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I’m so sorry to all my beloved readers.  You may have noticed that I hadn’t written anything for March.  I tried desperately to get some posts up now to make up for the 2 weeks that I had not written.  I know it’s not up to my usual standard.  I kept forgetting my camera and I don’t have much to show you of last week.  This week I had an exam on Monday and have another on Wednesday.  Then next week I will be off for Holy Week which is the equivalent here for Spring Break.  Not to mention that Tuesday is also my birthday.  I hope to be able to post about all the birthday celebrations that have already begun for me since all my friends will be in their hometowns and not with me on my day. 

Also, since I will be in my hometown, I won’t get much of a chance to be online.  But I will try to complete all the posts as best I can.  I don’t wish to leave y’all out of the loop!  There’s so much to tell and some restaurants I will be reviewing as well.  So, bear with me with all the back posts in the next week as well.  Once Easter passes, I will hopefully manage to be up to date and set with everything.  Then I can show you what I was up to during the week.  I hope not to slack off. 

For now know that I miss chattering about my days with you all!  I shall be back up to scratch before March is out, this I guarantee! 

Always, Ivy/leafy

The bombshell of your hearts!


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