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Restaurant Review: LongHorns March 13, 2008

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Located in Mayaguez, along Highway 2

When this steakhouse first opened, it was ALL the rage to go here.  It’s decorated in the typical western fashion, with rich dark woods and soft lighting that makes this place wonderful for intimate meals with a special someone.  The food is fantastic.  They bring forth a freshly baked loaf of whole grain wheat bread to the table on a cutting board with a knife, and a little cup of sweet soft butter to go with.  It is delicious beyond words. 

The appetizers are wide ranged and most seem to have a spicey kick to them.  Beware of the cheese fries with the jalapenos, that requires at least 4 people to dig into it as an appetizer.  The portions are quite nice.  We had the fircraker wraps which had what seemed like a whole head of lettuce underneath it.  They were crispy and light with a good zing to the cheese on the inside.  I thought it was perfect, Carlitos found it a bit hot but he’s not used to eating spicey foods at all. 

The restaurant offers a nice variety of beverages, non and alcoholic alike.  My staple when I go is the Desert Pear Margarita.  This is the one and only way that I seem capable of having tequila. 

Desert Pear Margarita

For the main course I had the Renegade Steak with asparagus and caeser salad.  Once upon a time, the asparagus was fresh, but I think that is no longer the case.  I don’t think that enough people in these parts seem to order it and perhaps they’ve gone canned.  This I find to be such a pity because the fact that they had asparagus on the menu was one of my favorite things about the place.  Carlitos had the Rocky top chicken with mashed potatoes and alfredo pasta.  The pasta is really cheesy and good and the potatoes are very creamy and delicious. 

The dessert selection is quite wonderful.  I’m fond of any place that can give me more to offer than flan, which is what most places in these parts have to offer.  We went with the golden nugget fried cheesecake.  This delicious dessert is served in one very oversized wine goblet and layers ice cream with nuggets of fried cheesecake, whipped cream and a strawberry sauce.  Carlitos seemed to have his misgivings about my selection but his first bite into a warm nugget with the coolness of the whipped cream and ice cream had him decreeing it perfection. 

The other desserts are equally exceptional.  The regular cheesecake is marvelous, one hunking slice of cheesecake is always a good thing.  The chocolate stampede should come with a warning.  The pictures seem misleading because the plate seems so dainty.  What could possibly go wrong when it boasts 2 slices of a chocolate cake make with 3 types of chocolate and ganache, ice cream and chocolate syrup laden on top.  Well… the fact that about 5 people are needed to hack into it should be some clue!  And don’t think I’m exaggerating because, let me tell you, I can eat.  I think I can eat most men under the table and, in fact, I can out-eat Carlitos… and he’s one hunkering man at 6’6″ and heaven only knows how many pounds.  My entire family can eat and I’m not joking…. if you’ve gone and had appetizers and drinks and dinner and then want a stampede, be sure you’re a party of 3 or more.  You’re likely to need to be rolled out of the establishment. 

Overall, the place is a delight.  Service is friendly and never rushed.  To fully enjoy the experience, you should go in for leisurely meal and order it all bit by bit.  They also take orders to go at the bar which is pretty neat.  The wait isn’t long for that and chatting with the bartender is always a delight.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience the times that I have gone.  I’ve always walked away full of delicious food.  I have it as my favorite place to go when I want steak that isn’t skirt steak (known as churrasco in these parts).  My place for that is elsewhere.  Here they also have this humongous hunk of meat called the Longhorn.. and it’s well over a pound of juicy steak.  I’ve had this before and it really does hit the spot for red meat.  I’m not often a big fan of it, but sometimes you just need to sink your teeth into some.  

It may be a gimmicky place, but I don’t know of any other branch in my immediate area… so that makes it unique and fun, however… on a college student budget it’s labeled more as a place to go for a splurge and not for regular meals.  It can be quite pricey, especially if you go in for the full experience in all the courses.  But, I guarantee that you won’t regret it. 


2 Responses to “Restaurant Review: LongHorns”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Come to England, bitch-I promise the food will be adequate enough to eat…hopefully you won’t come over here *just* to try out the restaurants! 😉

  2. Buddy Says:

    dude dont act like you can eat alot if you think it takes 5 people to eat the chocolate stampede. me and my girl split it and it is all gone when we are done. i eat my half and then half of hers

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