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The birthday abduction March 13, 2008

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“Tonight at 7 you are mine.  Jean chic :p”

That was the message that I got this afternoon from my darling ‘hubby’.  I dutifully responded with a “Yes, Sir” and that was the end of it.  Now, I sort of knew that something was up because last night I got dragged to Wal-mart to pick out any fabric I wanted (a very pretty ivy print on beige background) and any ribbon to match (a lovely sage green satin).  When asked what it was for, I didn’t get a response.  So, I anxiously waited for the right hour to come upon me and to decide what to wear.  It took me several hours to think it over and at least 2 hours to get ready.  I like to take my time dressing.  Sure I can be ready in 10 minutes with makeup and everything, but if I can take 10 hours to get ready, I will.  I start small and slow and work my way through.  It just wouldn’t do to be all sweaty when you’re done. 

I called Carlitos to confirm before I got dressed just to be sure I dressed appropriately.  I wouldn’t wish to be caught wearing the wrong kind of shoes for the activity he had in store for us.  He then informed me he was taking me out to dinner to anyplace that I wanted.  That was when I knew that he was upholding out tradition to go to dinner together for my birthday.  Sure, my actual birthday wasn’t until the 18th, but we’d be in our hometowns and he wouldn’t be able to see me. 

I got all pretty as commanded and awaited my hubby who is perpetually late and didn’t arrive at 7pm to pick me up as promised.  By then I was well prepared as to where we would go to eat.  The decision wasn’t easy.  I’m rather picky with some of my cuisine when it comes to eating out here on island.  And, it just so happens, there are a few key restaurants which we enjoy frequenting as a treat.  One is Poi Wah (or is it Pon Wai?), a wonderful chinese restaurant and the only place I can get dumplings in this part.  The place is actually a nice place, not some takeout joint and has been around since the 70’s.  The food is superb.  Another favorite location is San Marino’s, a quaint Italian restaurant with everything very Italian and fresh and a tiramisu that is to die for. 

However, I felt neither location was right for the evening.  Instead I decided we’d hit up Longhorn, a wonderful steakhouse that we hadn’t been to in ages.  I do believe that the tradition of birthday dinner started many years ago (more like 4) when Longhorn opened and Carlitos took me there for my birthday.  So, I thought it would be perfect for the night.  And I was very right.  The food was delicious, and I was most happy to be in the company of my beloved friend. 

  birthday girl 1 me and my date hunky carlitos

And yes, the waitress did think we were on some romantic date.

After dinner I got dragged through Wal-mart while Carlitos got around to picking a little plastic plant for the fishy he bought at 5 dias.  Then we picked up another friend because we were going to play Brawl.  We detoured to my apartment and there I found a surprise. 

Kidany cake

Some friends nd my housemate with a birthday cake.

It was so sweet of them.

I was touched.

But the thing that really got to me and I actually burst into tears was when I opened up Carlitos’ present.  It was wrapped in the fabric and ribbon I had selected the night before. 

Dorie’s book

All choked up in tears I asked “How did you know?!” since I’d been hunting for the book at the bookstore for ages!  But I’d never mentioned it to him nor had I done so anytime I had been with him.  However, he does hunt the blogs and the my little community of blogging friends and just KNEW it was what I wanted.  “I’m your husband*” he said “of course I knew.” 

It’s so silly sometimes the things that make you happy.

  birthday cake and gifts

*Of course we’re not married.  Not really but that’s the term of endearment we’ve had for one another for the past 3 years.  Besides, if he were straight, you bet your ass we’d be married or something by now. :p  I’ll explain the whole story and joke at some point if y’all are interested.


2 Responses to “The birthday abduction”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I have got to eat the cake on the front of that book! Hope you had a lovely bday my dear and kudos to the hubster! 😉 mwah

  2. Rachael Says:

    P.S.it would be great if you could make my display pic. 😀

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