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Finally! Gone with the postman March 15, 2008

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I know that it took me forever to get around to mailing out the packages to the ladies who won the bunny naming contest.  At first I needed to figure out what to send, then I had to be sure I got the ladies’ addresses.  I was going to be mailing to England and I truly wished to send some good stuff that the ladies would love and be impressed with.  So, sure I could have just gone to the supermarket and mailed out some of the more commercial products but what was the fun in that?  

The first weekend passed and I have guests over at my apartment and I was so busy cleaning that I couldn’t mail anything out.  The following week it ocurred to me that there was going to be ample opportunity for me to get locally made goodies at 5 dias.  Since I knew the ladies were most patient for their prizes, then I could afford to wait and get what I really wanted. 

gift goodies

So yesterday I made my final round of the fair grounds and collected the items I’d been eying from previous visits.  The items to the left were sent to my UK groupie, Rachael.  The ones to the right went to Laurie.  Both boxes were essentially the same except the color of the cream on the tart candles and that Rach got a thingy of vanilla coffee while Laurie got one of cinnamon instead.  The oh-so-observant mail clerk lady noticed both packages weighed exactly the same thing.  Well, DUH, they each had 2 packages of coffee, one scented candle in the shape of a tart, one container stuffed with local candies and a small Puerto Rico souveneir vial. 

I expect Laurie’s will be arriving to Pittsburgh, PA by my birthay while Rach’s…. aside from costing me an eyeball in shipping (you know I love you wench and all my other international readers that I’m willing to uphold to mail to my contest winners anywhere in the world!)… will hopefully reach her by or before Easter.  I’m so excited for them to get their prizes and hope they love all of it.  Depending on what else I may get for my birthday is if I may be holding another naming contest.  For some it may be silly to go through all the trouble with naming stuffed animals.. but they are cute and I adore them.  It doesn’t hurt to share the fun and give out some treats from this island that most barely even remember where it is located on the world map.    


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