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A girl going birthday shopping March 19, 2008

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It’s tradition that my aunt, never quite knowing what to give her darling niece, decides just to take me shopping instead.  We hit up the mall in Ponce, Plaza del Caribe, because since I study and my aunt works in the other nearest big city with a mall, Mayaguez, we already know what there is to be offered in that mall.  Besides, the one in Ponce has Old Navy and that’s actually where I like to shop for blouses and my staple flipflops.  It’s also a rare occasion where it’s just the two of us wandering around various stores. 

birthday clothes

Clothes Haul:

  • Two tank tops (lower left hand corner; blue and green)
  • Jean pencil skirt (lower right hand corner)
  • Coral patterned tube top blouse (middle)
  • Coral pink floral patterned tube dress (upper left hand corner)
  • Two v-neck tees (upper right hand corner; blue and coral)

And these from Payless black wedges


One Response to “A girl going birthday shopping”

  1. Wow love the coral.

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