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The Blackout debate March 19, 2008

Filed under: Rant — bombshellwithin @ 6:57 PM

Now, correct me if I am wrong… but I had always been under the impression that a blackout was soda with ice cream floated on top and maybe swirled ever so slightly to get it mixed up.  But…. when shopping with my aunt today, we stopped for some ice cream before we left the mall.  I ordered a small cup of soft serve coconut ice cream and my aunt ordered a blackout because she wanted something cold to drink, not eat.  Instead of what we were expecting (she was under the same impression as I as to what a blackout is), she got this….

 blackout shake

They very literally made a shake out of the vanilla ice cream, but instead of milk they used soda.  Am I crazy or is this wrong?  I just don’t know anymore.  This island is so backwards sometimes… or maybe I’m just so mixed up with what I think I remember of civilization.

Can someone please help me to clarify this? 

What’s a blackout to you?


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