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The most amazing sandwich ever to be created! March 20, 2008

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Since learning how to make bread, it seems that every weekend I got home it’s expected of me to make some bread.  I’d been watching too much tv this week to get anything done really.  Saturday I wasn’t feeling up to it.  Sunday I was doing laundry.  Monday I didn’t want my bread making to interfere with being online to post for the April Cupcake Hero peanut butter dulce de leche giveaway.  (I had to crash over at my grandmother’s house to use my aunt’s internet and I was able to be one of the first few to post a reply in participation)  Tuesday was my birthday. 

I finally decided to get to baking yesterday after my shopping expedition.  It also happened that my brother (who is stationed in Monterey, CA) sent a package which contained a container of poppy seeds.  I was so ecstatic!  We can’t get poppy seeds here and I LOVE them.  No better bagel than a poppy seed one.  So, with the seeds in hand, I had a perfect reason to get to making petit pains with the seeds on top.  The sesame seed ones were a huge hit already, so I did not doubt that poppy seeds would be well received in my family.  So I made one batch of petit pains plain, one with sesame seeds and the third with poppy seed.  I also made one large round loaf (yay!  I’m also getting SO much better in keeping it round in transferring it!).

pile of petit pains

Now, the reason I made the large loaf was because my mother and I remembered this pressed sandwich Martha Stewart once made.  The bread here isn’t made in the right shape, so it took me learning to make bread for us to find a loaf of crusty bread of the right proportions for our task.  Here is what I did…

First I sliced open the bread and pulled out some of the innards so I could make space for the filling.  Onto the bread I rubbed in Italian dressing and balsamic vinagreatte (I used the salad dressing spritzer bottle).  I let this absorb as I sliced up roasted red pepper very finely, as well as a small yellow onion, and proceeded to let each one marinate in italian dressing.  I set these aside and returned to my bread. 

Each level on the bottom half (working upwards):

  • Dijon mustard
  • Sliced ham
  • Provolone
  • onions
  • Salami
  • Swiss
  • pickles
  • saurkraut
  • ham
  • provolone
  • mustard
  • red pepper
  • salami
  • swiss

all the cold cuts were finely sliced and only stocked a single layer at a time

Piled into the top half:

  • red pepper
  • onions
  • saurkraut

The sides get placed together and the entire sandwich is firmly wrapped in a double layer of plastic wrap.  I placed the sandwich into a large pie plate, covered with a larger pie plate and then pressed it down with my cast iron skillet and a pot on top.  (the pie plates can be substituted for cookie/baking sheets) 


Let rest overnight on a nice cool spot on the counter. 

pressed sandwich

I toasted the sandwich on an open sandwich gridle.  It took about 20minutes on each side, but it was well worth it.  It serves 4 very hungry people. 




sliced sandwich

Final Review:  I wanted to weep over how good this sandwich is.  Seriously, I just chewed in reverent silence and tried to come up with what sort of nirvana inspired name I could come up with for this creation.  For once my mother, who had trusted me with the sandwich construction due to the fact that the loaf of bread wasn’t ready to use until after midnight, found no words.  Good.  Amazing.  Divine.  They all fall short over how good it is.  I recommend everyone go out and get themselves a loaf of crusty bread this instant and pile together a sandwich like this.  It doesn’t matter what cold cuts you use.  The important thing is to let the flavors blend and press together.  You won’t regret it.  I guarantee it! 



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