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Gift package #2 arrives March 21, 2008

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misty green face

Yay!  This package I was far more worried about.  But it seemed that I didn’t have to.  Look how quickly it got from Puerto Rico to Middlesex, England!  It was so exciting to think that something I packaged with my own hands was going to go over to a crazy Brit.  I dunno, but it gave me a fun tingle to do so. 

Rachael had to say the following in an email letting me know that the package turned up: “Oh and the parcel turned up-THANK YOU SO MUCH! I adored the coffee, sweets and the candle is so frigging cute!”

She then found me in my usual chatroom haunt and proceeded to say the following:

<RachoThePsycho> (said in the email) the coffee is delish! i’ve put the lil candle in my bedroom and I don’t want to light it cause it’s sooooo cute!
<RachoThePsycho> cliff, the other flatmates and i pratically ate the sweets as soon as they got here!

There we have it! 

All done!  Second package received! 

Thanks for everyone being such wonderful sports with the contest. 

I hope we can have some more fun in the near future. 


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