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A girl dying eggs March 22, 2008

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As all of you well know, Easter is surely one of my favorite times of the year.  There is so much fun to be had.  It’s probably the one time of the year that there’s a food activity involved, but it’s not really centered on food precisely.  That makes it loads of fun and opens this up to a whole lot of creativity.

And what’s more fun than egg dying?

egg dying

I think it’s just a wholesome activity where you break out the paints and get to being creative.  It’s family tradition for the Saturday night before Easter that we all get together and dye eggs.  My little brother, since he’s only 11, takes it as a competition as to who can dye the most eggs and will ask if each egg he dyes is cute or not.  This gets tiring after a dozen eggs.

    egg in a cup My mother and I take our time.

And make pretty little eggs.  dyed eggs

There are sometimes accidents and there are some egg casualties.  But those are easily resolved by having some salt and pepper handy. 

egg platter


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