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Restaurant Review: Popeye’s March 25, 2008

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Popeye’s logo

Located in Mayaguez, across from the Mall.

This place felt like it was taking forever to get built.  I think they had just about finished it when I left for holy week, but then it was holy week and I couldn’t take advantage of it.  It was a downright shame, really.  But, once we got back, we were among the masses to want to try it out (and I do mean masses most literally, that place has been perpetually packed everytime I’ve seen it!).  I mean, I hadn’t had Popeye’s  in YEARS!  So of course I was excited.

The think I love about the place is that the food has a lot more spice to it and the biscuits seem buttery.  I’m a big fan of biscuits and a lot of places here put honey on theirs and quite honestly, I’m not a big fan of honey.  But not here, it seems so much better their biscuits and you can pour yourself little paper dishes with more butter for appropriate dipping.  As a fast food joint, the service wasn’t so bad.  There were at least 20 people running about behind the counter.  It’s understandable that any new establishment will receive such a crowd. 

The one failing I find is that the menus are a little confusing.  Instead of showing you the standard combos and the fixed price, they show you the price of just what you are ordering, then you add another price to make it a combo.  This is odd to me, is it to trick the consumer to think they are paying less?  Its likely to confuse a lot of the people who eat there, I mean… a good majority of folks are confused even on how to use ATM machines!  So a Spanglish menu may yet be far too confusing for some.  Not everyone reads the menu right and the cashiers may be to harried to explain it completely.

But, there are free refills, so that is a bonus!  And, even though they called it a churro, they sell funnel cake!  I mean it!  It’s covered in cinnamon sugar, and I suppose that’s why they’ve gone and confused it with a churro… but churros are long sticks of a cake like batter fried up and covered in that cinnamon sugar.  Funnel cakes have a cake batter dropped into oil and fried in a pretty random shapes because as the batter falls from the funnel the strips land on one another and seem like a tangled web of cakey goodness.  I’m probably not explaining it right, but oh well!  They have it!  And as far as I could tell, no where else has funnel cake or anything remotely close.  But if they have been going around naming it the wrong things, no wonder I haven’t been able to find it! 

Overall, I think the food wasn’t as good as I remembered.  It was still pretty delicious and everything had a spicy kick to it, especially the honey mustard dipping sauce which the stupid cashier seemed not to know how to spell.  But that’s a rant for another day. 


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